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11PM – 8AM

Black Box

Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton / Answer Code Request / DE)
Kasper Melchior (Extended Family)
Henrik Krog (Extended Family)

Red Box

Annælix (Regn Records)
Katz-K (SE)

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Berghain resident Answer Code Request has occupied a unique space within the Ostgut Ton cosmos since debuting on the label in 2012. Both as a DJ and a producer, he has honed a hybrid musical approach that stands out in a world of uniform 4/4 techno. Melding pad-driven harmonies, intricate breaks and an industrial sonic palette. As a DJ, he has played clubs and festivals around the globe, while remaining an integral part of the Berlin scene.

Black Box support comes courtesy of Kasper Melchior and Henrik Krog from Extended Family who make a much anticipated return to their old home Culture Box.

Music-maker on Regn -Records, home-made creator and organizer of Folkets Haus, ANNÆLIX pushes her deep, dreamy and sometimes psychedelic sounds in Red Box. She is joined by longtime raver and DJ Katz-K from Sweden, known for her groovy style switching between deep and melodic through to minimal and techy music.

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