Published July 24, 2019

As many of our guests already know, pre-sale tickets for all Culture Box events can be purchased via Resident Advisor.

But are you also aware of our early bird tickets?

For most of our events, we sell early bird tickets at a discount. Early bird tickets are released when the event goes online and are available throughout the first week of the ticket sales. After that, the price goes back to normal.

So planning ahead means saving a buck, but that is not the only advantage of getting an early bird ticket: ticket holders always get to skip the queue and walk straight in, and if you arrive in the first opening hour – also known as The Golden Hour – you still get free Tuborg Gold beers.


For some special events, instead of early bird tickets we release the tickets in three rounds. The third release tickets will have the normal price, but if you’re quick you can get a nice discount by getting a first or second release ticket.

Ticket flyer for Sasha at Culture Box
In October 2018, Sasha visited Culture Box. Tickets were released in three rounds.

Flyers advertising the early bird tickets or various releases are posted in the events on Facebook, so you can always keep track of discount options.

See you at the club!