Published March 20, 2024

Kate Miao is an artist based between Copenhagen and Oslo. She DJs, produces, and founder of Miao Music Collective — a global techno concept. 
Kate embraces various genres and avoids limiting herself to one. Her sonic exploration spans dance floors with captivating techno, skillfully navigating cutting-edge sounds and emotions. Her audacious approach orchestrates an unforgettable journey, inviting everyone to find their own meaning. In this feature, Kate Miao recommends a new rising talent in the local Danish electronic music scene;

“I would like to recommend Deril – he is a producer and DJ who recently moved to Denmark, and before that, he was living in Norway. In his music, I find an electronic journey, a soul, and a lot of emotions, which I often miss in modern club music. I would describe his style as raw, experimental, and hypnotic, with always a sexy, groovy bass. Listen to Deril – Scegliere or find him on SoundCloud – @deril_one. He has one recent release with Flux Collective from Oslo and plans to release it on Danish labels this year. I really advise you to check out his music, both his productions and DJ sets. He started with production not too long ago, and I believe he has great potential. I hope to see him playing in Denmark with more and more releases of his production.

Deril:  SoundcloudInstagram Bandcamp |