Our Projects at Culture Box

Here we share some of our favourite projects throughout the years that have made it possible to connect and inspire each other in our beloved electronic music community. With much gratitude to The Danish Arts Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality, Culture Box has become a recognized network and genre venue making it possible for new creative ways to build on the electronic music community locally, regionally, nationally as well as internationally.


Culture Box Chillout is our beloved yearly-day festival at Østre Anlæg created to connect with people in the community outside the Culture Box venue. With a charming green outdoor atmosphere, well-selected musical line-up and high-quality food and beverages, people could experience electronic music in a new relaxing and dreamy way. The day setting made it possible to showcase niche genres within electronic music such as Ambient, Lo-Fi etc. In 2023 we were pleased to present the following artists AYO (Live), Dalholt, Momec (Live), Palma, Rosa Lux and Shatter Hands.

Next Culture Box Chillout: Friday 12 July 2024. Read more here!


Combining music and health, a cross-cultural initiative, Running Rave is our running event including an artist performing on a sound bike to a field of runners in Fællesparken, Copenhagen. With much joy and a new audience as well as our regulars, Running Rave is a huge success that focus on community and the social aspect of the electronic music scene.

Next Running Rave: Wednesday 19 June 2024. Read more here!


Connecting electronic music with nature and multi-sensory digitals, Natural Connection was a beyond successful exhibition in collaboration with Culture Box in 2021. Made by the multi-talented artists Olivia Brix & Lukas Keysell, the art exhibition explores how cybernetic communication between humans and fungi can form a collaborative and sustainable relationship between mankind and the natural world. Through an interactive exhibition, a bridge of multi-sensory communication is formed, aiming to shift our conscious understanding of reality to an interconnected, and symbiotic network of organisms.


Culture Box x Hangaren is our yearly cross-local initiative to expand the electronic music community across organisations in Copenhagen, exchange knowledge, establish a solid network formation and develop a new audience. Our concerts at Hangaren have been some of the most-packed and fastest-sold-out events resulting in vibrant crowds filled with deep love for electronic music.
Working closely with our colleges at Hangaren, we are looking forward to showcasing another amazing line-up in 2024. Stay tuned.


Culture Box at Alice with the rising star, Astrid Engberg, was one of our out-of-the-house concert initiatives in 2020 that aimed to navigate on different platforms in Copenhagen and engage a new audience through experimental electronic music. Astrid Engberg is a passionate producer, singer, record collector and DJ. From Gnawa to grooves and beats through to jazz and electronic rarities, she navigates smoothly between global genres in an eclectic mix. Also on the stage was the talented tubaist Anders Bo Eriksen and saxofonist Sven Dam Meinild.


Throughout the past years, Culture Box has shared and exchanged knowledge with our community by hosting workshops such as DJ workshops, VJ workshops, Producer workshops and Safer Space workshops. The purpose is to educate ourselves and others through shared knowledge, build on the local communities across the nation, and enhance equality and diversity in the electronic music culture and industry. Our last workshops throughout the years have been beyond successful and we continuously always look for new ideas to embrace our core values.

More to come soon…