Attitude Code

Our mission is to be a home for everyone who wish to explore a curiosity for electronic music, and to create an atmosphere of respect and kindness. Please align yourself with the following:

  • We care how our actions impact others.
  • We always check for consent and respect each other’s boundaries.
  • We show enjoyment of the music, while being mindful of our surroundings.

Our Safer Space crew and security team are trained to monitor for behaviour that could make others feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and have been instructed to stop this kind of behaviour. We operate a zero tolerance policy to any form of harassment.

  • No touching.
  • No unwanted attention.
  • No rude language.
  • No discriminatory behaviour.

Please help us create a safe and supportive environment free from inappropriate behaviour.

If you are made to feel uncomfortable please notify our Safer Space Crew or any other member of staff, we are all trained to help you.

Believe the report
We strongly encourage you to report any concerning behaviour you witness or experience. We take each one seriously. By creating an environment where people feel comfortable speaking up, we wish to foster a culture of accountability and respect within our community.

We reserve the right to reject anyone who seems too intoxicated, or is not engaging properly with our Attitude Code presented at the door or with our staff.

Photo policy
We do not allow any unauthorised filming during club nights. Photos are allowed without use of flash or fixed lights.

Good Night Out Campaign
Culture Box is a Good Night Out accredited space. It means that everyone from staff has received training in their Best Practice Policy “Responding to Sexual Violence in Licensed Premises”. Read more here:

Charter for a nightlife without discrimination
We have joined the “Charter for a nightlife without discrimination” per January 2024.

Reporting an incident or experience? General feedback? Please forward at

We take each report of an incident or experience very seriously. Actions we take:

  1. Receipt of inquiries: All inquiries are received and documented.
  2. Assessment of inquiry: A dedicated group assesses the inquiry to determine how best to handle it.
  3. Action: Depending on the situation, the action may vary from offering support to the affected person, contacting involved parties or initiating an internal investigation.
  4. Follow-up: The inquiry is followed up to ensure that it has been handled appropriately and that lessons have been learned for future situations.