Published August 11, 2020

A new recommendation from the sizzling Danish underground scene courtesy of composer, singer, DJ, music teacher at Beats By Girlz and organizer of Folkets Haus and For Haus Sake, ANNÆLIX.

“I’m happy to recommend Peachlyfe and their debut EP ‘All tits are Real, All Money is Fake, All Hail Satan’. It’s a super raw trancy underground release with three fast-paced trance inspired bangers and one ballad for the comedown.

Peachlyfe is a newcomer in the danish electronic scene and part of an underground of queer musicians/electronic producers. The tracks are raw and gimmicky and Peachlyfe unfold a message about gender liberation and normcritique through the release and a zine.”

peachlyfe – All Tits are Real, All Money is Fake, All Hail Satan – Copenhagen Comfort