Published January 17, 2024

We have a special recommendation for you from Azpecialguest, an artist deeply rooted in the realms of House & Techno music fusing elements of Afro, Melodic, Organic, and Progressive genres. Azpecialguest suggests checking out the talented Emma Sø, an emerging DJ making waves in the local scene.

“A lot of women are hitting the DJ booths in town at the moment and one of them who stands out to me is Emma Sø. She might be unknown to many but not for long! Even though she hasn’t been on the scene for long she plays like one who has been here for ages. I noticed her for the first time last summer when she played after me at Werkstatt. She was on closing duty and delivered a banger of a closing set with solid control of the dancefloor with melodic and progressive tunes.
I have been in this game for a long time and have seen a lot so I am not easily impressed these days but Emma surely impresses me every time she is playing! That is also, why I booked her for my first party at Culture Box where the recording below is from.”