Published April 17, 2024

B FROM E is one of the most versatile artists in the underground dance music scene. Although he masters a wide range of genres, his deep passion for old-school rave music shines through everything he does. He’s released on such labels as Happiness TherapyHaŵsHouseum, and Traxx Underground and is head of his own label, Buddahood.

In this recommendation feature, B From E recommends MILAS’ fearless trance mix “SMÆK

This mix is exactly what you need when you’re in party mode. It’s fun and sexy, fast-paced and fearless. Milas demonstrates brilliance in his selection of trance with deep, tight basslines, seamlessly blended with groovy tracks containing cool vocal hooks. There’s an abundance of good energy in this mix, leaving you feeling extremely joyful and energized as Milas navigates through the dark and bright corners of his selection. It’s delightful how he effortlessly intertwines multiple genres, making them all feel like a harmonious unit aboard Milas’ Concorde airplane, piercing through the night sky with supersonic force. This is precisely the kind of mix I’d put on before a night out in the city, and it could easily be queued up again for the afters!” – B From E

Who is MILAS?
Milas is a sexy nerd with music placed right at the core of his heart. His passion for club life, the history of it all, and the art of DJing shines through everything he does. Witnessing Milas behind the decks, smiling as he mixes his tracks with his body in full motion, guarantees an unforgettable evening. His technique is flawless, and his selection is always top-notch. He consistently deserves three hours behind the turntables, if you look wish to experience the magic in full effect. Not only is he a fantastic closing set DJ, but also a superb early-hour selector!

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