Published January 9, 2020

“Culture Box is the club I proudly call home. I have been resident DJ since 2005 when me and Rune (better known as Kölsch) was invited to do our Together night. Since 2007 I have done my What Happens night which has now lived long enough to have become the longest running monthly clubnight in Denmark and launched careers of many DJs and brought so many friends together. Culture Box has given me an endless list of highlights. Stand out moments include bringing and playing with names like Sasha, John Digweed, Joris Voorn, DJ Steve Lawler, Amelie Lens, Maya Jane Coles, Guy J, KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE, Fatboy Slim and numerous B2B sets with my good friend Nick Warren. The list goes on and on. The best part of it all? It has never been better than it is right now. Big thanks to the many guests, the crew and everyone for continuous support to our project. Can’t wait to celebrate the 15th birthday in style”

Tim Andresen

“One of my most cherished moments is maybe a bit corny but it was the debut of our record label and the launch was set at Culture Box. They helped us get started and we had a full house all night. Near the end the night manager came and gave us praise for putting on a good night. I had yet to play the venue at that time so was very grateful for the opportunity we got. Thanks Culture Box for supporting the underground <3”

Jens, Baime

“The funniest night at Culture Box was a night we played Red Box, we came from another gig which was a costume pary, and we wore costumes from top to toe almost unrecognizable which made it all a little more wild, and people quickly got used to the fact that Jens was painted in gold all over and me in silver”

Mikael, Baime

“I’ve had a lot of good nights and mornings at Culture Box, on the dance floor as weel as behind the wheels in Box 54 with i.a. JIM LEE and a lot of other good friends through the years. You are always in great company at the club, both in regards to the staff and among the club crowd. Culture Box is a place where you meet good people”

Dj Crizzy

“Culture Box has a special place in my heart. The club has been there from the beginning of my music journey. From a DJ-workshop, to letting me practice there – to now proudly being able to call myself one of the club’s resident DJs. Culture Box is my club home <3”

Aja Gulris

“I clearly remember my black box debut on the night Denis Sulta was in town. Great energy throughout the club and we ended up doing a really fun back2back into the early morning hours”


“Since I started coming at Culture Box 10 years ago I’ve had so many special nights/mornings here and experienced some of my Biggest Heroes behind the decks in both Black Box and Red Box, but some of the best nights have always been the New Years Eve parties, I remember NYE 2012/2013 where I ended up dancing in Red Box from midnight till 11 am the next day!”


“I remember when Answer Code Request came, he played Bjarki’s track (who lived in Copenhagen back then) and everyone went nuts and were crazy supportive”

– Anastasia Kristensen