Published January 9, 2020

“I’ve found many friends in Culture Box, and I’ve also found myself. Whenever I go to CB, it always feels like going home”

– Adelina

“I have got A LOT of memories from CB for sure – both playing, but of course also as a guest. Craziest one might be Yukki‘s bachelor bash back in ’13, with what could be a 1.000.000,- lineup (if that would even cover it?) – and on a Thursday, mind you! Another one is where Tim Andresen called me in to ‘replace’ Finnebassen as he was out sick, and when I’d played most of the crowd thought I was him… 🤣🤣”

Ian Bang

“I’ve had so many great nights at Culture Box through all these years. Both as a dancer and as a DJ – and many of them are quite blurry to be honest. Playing with Pachanga Boys, Superpitcher and Soul Clap stands out as really fun parties in Black Box – and downstairs I have also had some excellent raves with DJs like Axel Boman, Headman, Matt Karmil, Shumi, Sexy Lazer and many more”

– Kasper Bjørke