Published November 9, 2021

Part of Sweetie, electronic music nerd and record collector studying environmental technology, Cirkeline plays in Red Box alongside B from E, Harrison Heat and Denna Saturday 13 November. We asked her to recommend another artist from the Danish electronic music scene.

CIRKELINE: “I would like to use this opportunity to recommend Danish producer Dirt White aka Kasper Mygind with his EP from 2019 named ‘Waveshaper’. It’s a 3-tracker full of gritty ambient soundscapes combined with wavy synth stabs and groovy percussions. I love how the EP is filled with small surprises, and simultaneously very easy to listen to, and It really reminds me of the late 2000 chillwave/glo-Fi sound that I find super unique and cute ☺ enjoy!”

Listen to Dirt White‘s EP: