FRI 5 APRIL 2024


150 DKK


10PM – 8AM

Black Box

Tim Andresen
Anna Logic
Live VJ

Red Box

Rune Rask
Ryan Dank

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Toulouse techno titan Ghaston, Tim Andresen and Anna Logic are in Black Box. Suspekt’s Rune Rask headlines Red Box with an underground club set next to Ryan Dank.

Ghaston returns to Copenhagen after he took Culture Box by storm back in 2022. What Happens main man Tim Andresen and Anna Logic from Tunghör play before and after the Frenchman. Suspekt’s Rune Rask (yup, you read that right – the music producer and legend behind Suspekt) will perform at Culture Box for the first time and bring the heat in Red Box along the one and only Ryan Dank.

First drink/beer for free the first open hour.  

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