100 DKK


11PM – 8AM

Black Box

Kenton Slash Demon (Tartelet Records)
Dirk 81 aka Muff Deep (Tartelet Records)
Waqar (Distortion)

Red Box

Nelson Of The East (Tartelet Records)
Daniel Savi (CUP)

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We’re proud to bring you the mythic Kenton Slash Demon duo for the 2nd installment of Multiverse. The quality of their production has always shone brightly, a kaleidoscope of moods and styles underpinned by distinctive organic and futuristic sounds. This is a very rare club show and they’re supported in Black Box by Tartelet Records’ Dirk 81 aka Muff Deep and Distortion’s Waqar.

Nelson Of The East is a new project by an already established artist who might be of Swiss or Italian origin, depending on who’s asking. A seasoned sailor of musical waters, he enjoys jazz piano, fine wine and silk linens. Though none of that matters. He’s in Copenjagen to join his Tartelet crew and celebrate the release of his new EP on the very same day. He plays in Red Box with Daniel Savi from CUP.

We’ve arranged unlimited free Tuborg Gold from the bars between 11pm and midnight so join the crowd early.