100 DKK


11PM – 8AM

Black Box

Budakid (Exploited / Einmusika / Lost & Found / DE/NL)
Baime (Watergate / CPH Deep)
Annælix (Regn Records)

Red Box

Braunbeck (Sol Eterno / DE)
Rasmus Juul (Gartenhaus)

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The super talented Budakid has exploded onto the scene with high profile releases on Lost & Found, Exploited, Einmusika, Last Night On Earth, All Day I Dream, Get Physical and Audiomatique. The Dutch musician has developed a very melodic style of his own. A typical Budakid song has floating melodies, the right set of chords and some strong, energetic vibes all mashed together.

Fresh from the release on Regn Records, Annælix will be opening Black Box in style. CPH Deep’s Baime who just got signed to Watergate and celebrate the release the very same day will be ending the night on a high.

Red Box is hosted by Gartenhaus and Rasmus Juul bringing Sol Eterno label boss Braunbeck from Berlin for his Culture Box debut. With gigs at well known venues such as Watergate, About.Blank and Sisyphos, he knows a thing or two about quality music.

The Golden Hour with unlimited free Tuborg Gold is on between 11pm and midnight so make sure to arrive early.

Culture Box operate an attitude code. We have a zero tolerance policy to any form of harassment to our guests and staff. That includes leering, rude comments, touching and any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable then please notify a member of our staff or the security, they are all trained to help you. We kindly ask for mutual respect. Without respect, love is lost.