FRIDAY 31 MAY 2019


100 DKK


11PM – 8AM

Black Box

Freddy K (KEY Vinyl / ACV / DE)
Sugar (Fast Forward Productions)
Tight Cherry (MmhRadio / RO)

Red Box

Dungeon Acid (Huhta Home Studio / SE)
Joel Alter aka Jor-El (True Rotary Recordings / SE)

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Techno activist Freddy K visits Culture Box. Since the 90s he has been campaigning from the dance floor, defending vinyl, championing young talents and reinforcing the scene from the shadows. You know him as the head of KEY Vinyl. In 1993 he launched his now famous Virus radio show. A year later Freddy K signed his first EP to the legendary ACV. His debut album “Rage Of Age” came in 1995. Moving to Berlin in 2009, he soon fell in with Homopatik, the former monthly gay event at ://about blank and became notorious for his epic marathon sessions. He has also played at Berghain since 2013. Freddy K sets are characteristically mercurial and 100% tailored for the dance.

MmhRadio host Tight Cherry is in Black Box before Freddy K while Fast Forward main man and Euromantic artist Sugar is set to close in fierce style.

Red Box is the playground for Nadja Chatti from Stockholm who gets her Culture Box debut. True Rotary Recordings co-owner Joel Alter aka Jor-El is also in Red Box. He is known for his solo work on Bass Culture and Sweatshop and two albums with Jonsson & Alter on Kontra-Musik plus much more.

It’s officially the very last day of Spring so let’s provide you with unlimited free Tuborg Gold from our fridges if you’re here before midnight.