100 DKK


11PM – 8AM

Black Box

Xosar LIVE (Gyrocyre / Bedouin Records / Opal Tapes / US)
third wife (Øen Rec.)
Vixen (Fast Forward / BG)

Red Box

Jørn (Eurotate)
Gary (Eurotate)
Nps (Eurotate)
Søren Kinch (Et andet sted)
Alfredo92 (Axces Records)

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Looking inwards but always forward, the innovative Xosar is consistently managing the balance between creativity, spirituality and wellbeing. With an array of diverse interests and influences, she is challenged by many forms of creation that always question trends, expectations and conventions. Her story is meticulously told through her divine connection to machines and her ability to express emotion through said hardware. Understanding her body is also a machine has transcended into knowledge that in her creative process she is the primary mechanism.

A penchant for the occult is a common thread in Xosar’s productions. Having previously released a number of albums on her own label Gyrocyre, her latest album “The Possessor Possesses Nothing” was released on Bedouin Records in early 2019, and received a lot of praise for its dark, murky, experimental sounds. For her debut at Culture Box, Xosar will play one of her famous live sets in Black Box.

third wife, key member of Øen Rec. and accomplished techno producer, will set the tone of the night in Black Box. Copenhagen-based DJ and producer, and resident of Fast Forward, Vixen will perform the closing set. Since 2017 she has been gaining momentum in the danish scene, delivering uncompromising vinyl-only DJ sets which combine fast straightforward techno with industrial, acid and trance influences.

Meanwhile, Red Box is hosted by Eurotate, a small Copenhagen vinyl record label started with the intent and passion for releasing deeper feet-moving electronic music on wax. The four Founding Fathers of Eurotate Jørn, Gary, Nps and Søren Kinch will showcase their love of deep and groovy sounds, and they have invited star on the rise, Alfredo92 to help create the Red Box vibe.

As always, we serve up unlimited free Tuborg Gold for guests arriving before midnight, so no need for hesitation.

Culture Box operate an attitude code. We have a zero tolerance policy to any form of harassment to our guests and staff. That includes leering, rude comments, touching and any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable then please notify a member of our staff or the security, they are all trained to help you. We kindly ask for mutual respect. Without respect, love is lost.