130 DKK


8PM –

Black Box

Simon Littauer 
Violence of the Fauve

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New date and new venue for the postponed concert with Simon Littauer + Violence of the Fauve. It was originally booked to take place at Alice but has just been rescheduled to Wednesday 6 October at Culture Box. We’re more excited than ever to have the two acts perform live in Black Box. Previously bought tickets will of course work for the new date. Those of you who didn’t get tickets before it sold out now gets a 2nd chance since we’ll be releasing some extras.

With this concert we proudly welcome you to a world of knobs, wires and blinking diode circuits. Welcome to Simon Littauer’s self-built, hand-made electronic music. He composes and plays live on a modular synthesizer. It’s an instrument without keys; he constructs his own synth sounds without presets.

Littauer is a man believing in the strength of improvisation. He’s a fan of live production away from computers. That means no backing tracks. He works his synthesizer and creates an improvised techno concert. Like a DJ he builds up a vibe. Only difference is that he constructs his own sounds 100% on the spot. He received well deserved praise for his live performances at Roskilde Festival and Distortion.

Support by Violence of the Fauve