Published January 24, 2022

With our Faces of Culture Box-series we’re profiling good friends of the house, staff and regulars who all participate in making our venue a vibrant and stimulating affair. Meet Cristina, one of Culture Box’s cherished regulars you’re almost guaranteed to meet when Peccavi collective throws their unforgettable parties at Kronprinsessegade 54a.

Age: 28

Work: Brand Executive, Marketing

First time I went to Culture Box… was in April 2016 when Kölsch was playing. I enjoyed it a lot. From that moment I started coming to CB regularly.

I come here because… it feels like a home for the people who love electronic music in Copenhagen and it offers the best acts in town.

My favourite DJ or live act is... Âme.

My best night at Culture Box… was Kevin de Vries’s act in October 2021, organized by the Peccavi collective. It had a special meaning after a long waiting due to the pandemic. I remember how eager everyone was to enter Black Box when Skarn opened the night, so seeing everyone literally run to start the night just showed how much we all missed nights in CB.

My best Culture Box memory… is related to a night in November 2018 when Dubfire played. Not only was the music great, but I got to meet my partner there. And since then, CB has a stronger meaning.

What I love most about Culture Box… is that almost every night you come here, you get to see someone you know. We are all a community.

In the future I’d like to see… Colyn play, because I enjoy his music a lot and his sound would fit CB.

I think the future of the electronic music scene in Denmark… is going to be stronger and more impactful, because no matter how long we need to wait for the next reopening, I know that the community is here ready to support the next acts. We are ready to dance again.

I think the future for electronic music... is going in the right direction, expanding, conquering new territories and making more people fall in love with it, though it’s been through a rough time during the pandemic.

What I love most about electronic music… is the joy people spread in the same place, how we all connect to the same music no matter our backgrounds. It’s just pure joy.

My dancing is… giving me great energy.

What I love most about dancing… is that it’s liberating and at the same time it recharges you with positive energy.

My current listening recommendations: