Published August 24, 2021

Say ‘hi’ to Davey! We’re back with our Faces of Culture Box-series made to profile good friends of the house, staff and regulars who all participate in making our venue a vibrant and stimulating affair. Get to know what Davey, one of Culture Box’s cherished Night Managers, wish for the future of Copenhagen nightlife.

Staff position: Night Manager

Age: 30

Other employment: Web developer

I started working at Culture Box back in May 2018.

My favorite things to do when I’m off work… are chilling with my partner and friends, skating and of course a bit of dancing.

I work at Culture Box because… I have always had a passion for electronic music and club culture back in Ireland. I was always a bit of a weekend warrior, living for the sesh. It’s a lifestyle and thankfully you get to meet a whole load of other freaks and geeks out there on the dancefloor that welcome you. It gives you a sense of belonging. No judgement, just fun. Culture Box welcomed me with open arms when I first moved to Denmark. Most of my social circle today has in some way stemmed from the club. There’s no denying that it has been an important aspect of my life here.

I prepare for a shift by… listening to some sets by the artists who are playing that day. If I’m not particularly feeling it I just slap on some techno.

The lockdown has been… a challenging period but also a very introspective one. With the whole social world going on pause it gave me time to pinpoint things or ways of being that I would like to change going forward. Overall I’m coming out of it with an optimistic mind and a (somewhat) healthier lifestyle!

My best Culture Box memory… is too hard to pick. Over the years I’ve been here I’ve seen a bit of everything. The crew I work with, the guests and the artists are constantly changing and with it brings new experiences. My favorite nights would be nondescript to the outside world but usually involve great banter with the staff. Doesn’t matter the night, if I’m in a bad mood or whatever, the staff make everything better. It definitely has a family vibe. In terms of artists it was an absolute pleasure to get to work the club the night that Freddy K played. The atmosphere at the club was something else. I’m also stoked to see friends or upcoming local artists getting booked. It’s fun to watch their progression into the scene.

What I wish for the future of Copenhagen nightlife… is more intimate venues which support the fundamentals of the scene. Safe spaces and no photo policies so people can actually be free in the moment without any unwanted attention or judgement. More equality in booking so all genders are equally represented. Places for local artists to practice and grow. More room for the niche genres/groups so everything isn’t just dominated by techno and house. I got my start back in Dublin many moons ago listening to DnB and dubstep. It would be sick if there was more room for these kinds of events! There is a solid scene here full of dedicated dancers who just wanna go out and express themselves. I have high hopes. Things are definitely moving in the right direction and I am sure the new generation are going to come up with some sick concepts.

I just hope the city gives them the space they need to do so!