Published July 16, 2021

Meet Sarah! We’re back with our Faces of Culture Box-series made to profile good friends of the house, staff and regulars who all participate in making our venue a vibrant and stimulating affair. Get to know what Sarah sees for the future of the electronic music scene and get her music recommendation.

Age: 38

Work/other: Global IT Support – Manager/Promoter – Event Planner

What I love most about electronic music is… that it has the power to change your mood from sad to happy, tired to fully awake, and to make you search inside yourself and get inspired, while you are listening to it.

I think the electronic music scene in Denmark is going to be stronger than before. The community has really stepped up and helped each other in a time of crisis. You can close the clubs, but you can not kill the music. I think electronic music has a bright future with more upcoming artists and events that contribute to the scene with new tunes and genres. 

What I love most about Culture Box is… that you can be yourself, it doesn’t matter what race, sexuality, or if you’re just a freak like me. All guests accept each other and have the same passion for music.

In the future I’d like to see… Artbat play, because… they are just insane. And my dream is to see them live at Culture Box. 

I look forward to Culture Box Reopening Weekend 1-4 September… so I can dance in Black Box with a rubber duck in my drink, on top of my head, while listening to sweet music. If you’ve ever seen a 180 cm blond with a bottle on her head and a rubber duck in her hand you’ll understand this answer. 

I’d like to recommend a mix by… Arya made for CPH DEEP radio show.