Published October 16, 2021

Besides being a big music enthusiast, JOHANNE is studying a master in engineering. A background which gives her an immersive almost nerdy approach to whatever she set herself up to. Together with Bokéh and Meggy she celebrates Gartenhaus label’s 10th anniversary playing at Culture Box Saturday 23 October. We asked her what talent to keep an eye out for.

JOHANNE: “I am happy to recommend Dudd and his recently uploaded minimal house vinyl set, as I really enjoy his style. To me the set has a super nice flow and is both groovy, futuristic, and spacy – elements which I love in minimal house, making the music almost hypnotic with the many quirky sounds you can escape into. Besides Dudd’s mix I have been excited to see how the minimal scene in Denmark has been growing the past few years, and I find people like Dudd very inspiring in promoting the genre.

Listen to Dudd‘s Latch on session: