Published February 19, 2024

Being deeply inspired by nostalgic grooves, Kawun has vibrantly blended House, Acid and 90’s rhythms around renowned venues in the city. In this feature, we are introduced to B from E, a rock-steady pillar in the electronic music scene of Copenhagen.

B From E is one of the most talented DJs and producers this city has to offer and his diverse and high-quality productions never cease to amaze me! For this edition of ‘Culture Box Recommends’ I’ve chosen to highlight B From E’s latest EP ‘Amnesia’ on one of my favourite labels ‘Haŵs. The EP masterfully graces all elements of the 90’s house feeling in a floating progressive journey of quirky synths, bouncy beats and hypnotizing soundscapes perfectly blending past, present and future. It’s a tremendous release, and will definitely be in my bag for my upcoming show at Culture Box

Listen to ‘Amnesiahere