Published February 18, 2021

Lockdown is still ongoing with huge impact on our industry. We spoke to some of the professional artists who are regulars at Culture Box to see how they work during Corona time and how they see the future. First up is Danish VIVa Warriors house music duo Anek.

Tell us where you are and what you’re working on at the moment?

Hi! Karina lives in Paris, and Denise outside Copenhagen, Denmark in the countryside. We have been producing, and taking our time to perfect some new releases.

Did the pandemic force any changes for you in an artistic manner?

To be honest, we have heard about a lot of artists, who have been so inspired production wise during the pandemic. For us it has been the absolute opposite. We have realized how much we produce music aimed at the dance floor and not necessarily for home listening. We make music to make your body move, and that’s how it has always been for us. The pandemic has probably taught us to have a different look at how we produce. It’s still not completely working for us. Inspiration has always come to us when being on tour, meeting new people, getting inspired by what the other DJ’s and residents were playing, and testing out our own productions, being able to make adjustments when back home. That is just not possible at the moment in the same way. There has been many times, where we have heard a track when being out playing or just being in a nightclub, and the inspiration could come from something as simple as a ‘snare drum’, that would inspire to make a new track.

The best and worst part of the job you haven’t been able to do for the last year?

The best part of the job of DJ’ing we haven’t been able to do, is to travel, and playing the music we love, making people happy. The worst thing we haven’t been able to do is also travelling. As glamorous as travelling can sound, it can also put a strain on you. There is nothing worse than having no sleep after a gig, and having to travel all day hungover.

Does Covid-19 bring you anything good to also take with you in life when nightlife is returning?

To be grateful for the small things.

Will the scene ever be the same as it once was?

It’s hard to say. We really don’t think it will just turn back to what it was, as things won’t be the same for a long time. We reckon the scene will be smaller, more local and intimate, because it’s forced to. Maybe the scene will even get better than before, who knows. The scene is always developing and changing. Its going to be exciting to see where it’s heading next.

What’s your hope for the electronic music scene in the future?

That it will be thriving, with quality. Maybe a little bit less social media focused DJ’s, less pictures, and more moments in the “now”, where music is doing the talking.

Describe the perfect post-Corona gig for us?

Playing at some really cool outdoor event, or small festival, next to the beach.

Finish the sentence “2020 was…”

The year of staying in.

What three things are you looking forward to the most that you haven’t been able to do because of the current situation?

Being with people, playing/partying/dancing in clubs/at parties and travelling.

A good advice for Culture Box ahead of the reopening?

Just keep doing what you have always done <3