Published November 1, 2021

DJ, producer, radio broadcaster, label boss and tireless creative force and mentor, Anja Schneider is back in Copenhagen at Culture Box Friday 12 November with her unique take on house and techno. Learn about her thoughts upon the current electronic music scene, career moves and what makes a good musician in this small Q&A we did with her.

Q: How do you see the international electronic music scene right now? How do you see your own role in it? 

Anja Schneider: I thought we could use the break caused by the pandemic as an opportunity for reflection. To figure out what was good and what was bad and then move forward in a better way. In my mind this opportunity was missed. Everything is the same way as it was before, and things have started over like nothing happened.

One interesting thing is that there is now a completely new generation of clubbers and fans, and this change, which is necessary, is exciting. Even if I am not such a huge fan of this hardcore techno sound, which is taking over, I will welcome it with a positive energy, because it is our music and it is still exciting, and new scenes will be newly formed with fresh faces and fresh attitudes.

Q: You left the iconic label mobilee in 2017 and instead put your love and focus into Sous Music. Tell us about that project and what the future for the label holds? 

AS: Mostly, I have a lot of tracks myself, but I also want to present new people and new music that have blown me away. There are so many incredible artists out there, I cannot resist the urge to work with them, and I get a great deal of satisfaction from searching for and finding the right artists for Sous Music.

Q: Youve been a radio broadcaster for two decades, and giving your big insights were curious to hear from you if you see any trends and tendencies right now in terms of a certain sound or common themes of inspirations within electronic music world wide?  

AS: I am now doing a daily radio show on Beats Radio from 5pm-7pm which is an exciting and new challenge for me as my previous radio shows have been once per week. I love this new, breaky, slow down stuff and of course deep house in the original way. The current trend is definitely the new techno but it is difficult to play on a radio during this time.

Q: Youve recently released an EP on HE.SHE.THEY., tell us about that collaboration?

AS: I m a big fan of HE.SHE.THEY. I love the concept and the idea. For me it is important to show diversity and where club music comes from, and make clubs a safer space for all of us. I like that the label has no borders in regards to the music, no genre preferences. Therefore I went more electronica and breaky and worked with a super talented singer – Dabira – from a famous Berlin based band. I loved the whole process so it won’t be the last time that I’m going this way.

Q: Do you have a particular memorable night playing as a DJ?

AS: Every gig is important. Every show is different and every show can give me something. The energetic ones are always the best, but it would not be fair to name only one ☺

Q: What are in your opinion the essential qualities that make a good musician?

AS: Authenticity.

Q: If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

AS: Hopefully, that I made them dance and smile.

Friday 12 November
Anja Schneider / Lützen / Orbitson / UMFI UMFI: Mortox / Staromost / Minimalene
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