Published November 7, 2021

Whether you’re well into the genre or it’s your first Drum & Bass party, Drum & Bass Klubben is ready to take you in when they turn Culture Box into a massive celebration of the music, community and culture of bass music. It happens on Friday 19 November. Learn about the story behind “klubben” and how they got into the genre in this small Q&A.

Q: What is the story behind Drum & Bass Klubben?

Drum & Bass Klubben is centered around our studio, the common passion for the music and the idea that everyone can join in. The studio can tell a story or two, ours is just one out of many. Bobby and Breakfast have been hosting the radio show live 4 hour sessions on FM every Thursday since 2009, so that’s a couple of hours mixing you could say. HDN joined in 2016, he had already been playing with us since 2013 in the studio. From there the name just came up and it was pretty simple – a club with drum & bass.

Bobby and Breakfast had already experienced some really good raves, but HDN was a hungry fellow. We then organized a string of parties and some free raves with some great surprises at Bolsjefabrikken, Pumpehuset and last but not least Culture Box! Everyone was happy. Also, if you can get an artist on the line up you know people will enjoy and get positively surprised by, then all is good. Getting booked is also fun.

People joined the studio for late night studio sessions and started to become regulars. We are now joined by our Lithuanian friend Maxi Mo. He was actually raving at the Icicle party some years ago at Culture Box until the very end, just so he could talk with us. What a guy. LADJ was just sitting in the studio one Thursday night during the early period of lockdown. He came from Odense and was hyped about meeting fellow people who were into his kind of music. This guy is a shark at producing, so go check him out on Soundcloud. Shout outs to Marc and Maxi.

Q: Where did (the three of) you hear Drum & Bass music for the first time?

HDN: First time I met the guys was in the studio 2009-2010. Around that time I was into dubstep and I remember a friend asked if I wanted to go to there and listen to some dnb. I had no idea what he was talking about but soon found out. I fell in love with the music.

Bobby: When I was in 4th grade, one of my friends gave me a CD to listen to. It was a Renegade Hardware CD.

Breakfast: At the local youthclub. Dj Nis was playing these insane vinyls back in the 90’s.

Q: What are the essential qualities about Drum & Bass music that has gotten you into the genre?

It is diverse.

Q: How is the scene for Drum & Bass music thriving in Denmark?

It’s good! People are doing parties, a couple of female dj’s also joining in, so cool! People are producing their own things. Going forward after a cold, hard lockdown! We’ve had nothing but packed dance floors. And it’s great to see people so different are into the same kind of music.

Q: What kind of party can you expect from a Drum & Bass Klubben night?

The best kind. A Drum & Bass party.

Q: You’re hosting Friday 19 November at Culture Box, what’s your thoughts prior to the night?

Get some good dancing shoes, preferably used and well trotten, check out some new tunes. Let’s go together on this journey into the future. We are ready.

Friday 19 November
Drum & Bass Klubben present:

DJ Breakfast / Bobby 6 Killa / HDN / Maxi Mo / LADJ / Ladybox
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