Published November 17, 2021

Saturday 20 November the wizard Guy J tops the billing at the biggest and most anticipated What Happens night of 2021 so far. We had a little talk with him about his engagement with music, Tel Aviv and anticipation of his forthcoming night at Culture Box.

Q: When did you start producing music and what or who got you into this?

Guy J: I started producing music at a very young age; when I was around 13 years old. I was moved by the power of music and wanted to try creating.

Q: What are essential qualities that make a good musician?

Guy J: I think at the end of the day it is about creativity and passion, you need to have both, to be able to create unique music or any kind of art. Having patience can play a big role in your journey.

Q: You mostly seem to work alone but did “Aroma” last year with Roy Rosenfeld. Are there musicians you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Guy J: It’s true I work mostly alone and to be honest I love working alone. But when I find someone where we share same line of thought and good communication it can work like with Roy and Khen, which I did tracks with.

Q: Your label Lost & Found seems to be going from strength to strength. Can you tell us about future plans?

Guy J: Thank you. The label is doing amazing and even with the last 1.5 year of struggle it did very well. For future plan, we just had a new release coming out from Chicola, and there is a remix release by me on the way. And the rest, you have to keep an eye out for 😉

Q: We noticed there’s an endless list of production talents coming out of your hometown Tel Aviv. Is there any logical explanation for this?

Guy J: I think the reason for that is the water in Israel, hehe, joking aside. The city and the country are very dynamic places with many different cultures mixed in it, as present and history show. There is a lot going on there, so I think all this together give people a lot of inspiration + the important factor that electronic music is a very big part of the culture in Israel.

Q: You created the ECHOS livestreams during lockdown. Tell us about that, how has it been for you?

Guy J: ECHOS was born thanks to Covid. It was for the artists and also for the audience to keep the communication through music. We all do it first and foremost from passion, and Covid was forcing us to kind of disconnect. So ECHOS was the way to stay connected to music and to the fans around the world.

Q: Your career in the music industry continue to grow. Do you see yourself more as a DJ, producer, label owner or a combination?

Guy J: I think I see myself more as a producer than a DJ, but think both of them are completing who I am. I need to produce to enjoy my gig, I love going to the gigs with something original. So the gigs are motivating me to make more music.

Q: Nightlife is returning and shows are coming back like before. Any new trends or special gigs you’ve seen or experienced recently?

Guy J: Well, everything looks kind of normal gig wise. What I do see is that people are more energetic at the events; people missed it a lot. Nightlife is an essential part of many people’s life.

Q: How much of an impact does the audience have on your performance?

Guy J: When I go to new places I haven’t played before, I always try to give my best. But when I’m going back to a place I’ve been before I’m trying to give my best of the best, because I’ve been chosen to return to that venue and crowd. It’s inspiring.

Q: What are your expectations upon your forthcoming performance at Culture Box?

Guy J: Well, I expect it to rock! I have had a great time there before with Tim, and I love the club.

Q: What do you enjoy the most and what is the worst part of the job?

Guy J: Airport and planes are the less fun part, and on top of that are all the regulations; some of them just don’t make sense. The best part is to travel the world and do what I love, it’s a privilege.

Q: Any other hobbies than music that you like to do in your spare time?

Guy J: I love preparing food and I love photography, which I should put more time into.

Saturday 20 November
What Happens: Guy J / Tim Andresen / Ikigai: Alex Ranerro / Ana Lōg / Colo / Tomás Cebrero
Presale tickets sold out, remaining tickets to be sold at the door from 10pm.