Published February 11, 2020

Nick Curly has now been defining the sound of the underground for ten whole years. The varied and vital artist has established a number of labels in that time, including the era-defining Cecille Records. By now, Curly has a refined signature sound that keeps people dancing all over the world. On the occasion of his forthcoming visit in Denmark, we asked him of what he’s been up to lately and his plans for 2020.

We’re really excited about your forthcoming visit in Copenhagen. What have you been up to lately? We’ve seen you’ve had a tour in Latin America. How was that? 

I’m excited to come back to Copenhagen too. It has been a while now and I always have great memories . I now have lots of friends from Denmark living in Turkey now as well ( I moved there last year). Some of them are actually gonna come that night all the way from Antalya.

Regarding South America. Thats true. I just came back a few days ago from my gigs in Lima, Equador, BPM Costa Rica and Argentina. I love playing there, there’s a really special crowd and at this time of the year it’s summer and most parties are open air by the beach.

Your own party brand, Trust, is now a few years old. Can you tell us what that is about and what the 2020 plans are? 

We actually started 8 years ago in Mexico at the BPM Festival with our first event. The party is a concept where we’re gonna invite our friends to play for us in special venues or festivals.

The last showcase we’ve had 2 weeks ago for BPM Costa Rica in the middle of the Jungle. It was magic.

You’ve been running a number of labels including 8Bit and the era-defining Cecille Records. We’ve heard rumours about Cecille being back like a phoenix from the ashes. That’s wicked news if that’s true. Can you tell us more about that? Is there a difference between the vision of the two labels and the sound? 

Yes, it took me a couple of years to bring back Cecille Records, but finally me and my partner Marc found the tracks we were looking for and decided to do it. We started with an Archie Hamilton edit of SIS’ Nesrib followed by an outstanding EP by House Legend Harry Romero. More good music signed for 2020 on the label for sure.

Your own music has also come out on a wide range of other labels like Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound, Adam Beyer’s Truesoul, Defected and too many others to mention. Do you have any new releases in the pipeline we should know about? 

Yes. I’m working on a couple of new tracks/EP’s. I will finish them in the next couple of weeks. On these I am working a lot with singers and vocals. I wanna come with something new and exciting this time. 

When you’re not working or making music what do you do to relax? What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Oh I have 4 dogs which take actually most of my spare time. I also try to go to the gym every day or swimming in the sea during summer. That’s the best balance for me to handle touring and the nightlife.

Finishing off, any funny fact that most people don’t know about you?

That my second name is WOLFGANG!

Catch this essential pillar of the electronic underground scene, Nick Curly at Culture Box Saturday 15 February for What Happens Club Night.