Published July 20, 2023

The Melodic Techno trio Triart from Turkey play at Culture Box for the first time on Saturday 22 July. We had a small chat with them on what to expect, their influences and approach to music. Get excited with us to welcome this clever act to Copenhagen.

Hello Triart, how are you doing in this moment of time?

We are doing great! We’re in the midst of an exhilarating creative journey, finding inspiration at every turn. The chance to explore new horizons through our music has been a big inspiration. Travel has been an integral part of our lives since we were 16, and now, getting to share our sound with different cities and countries is a dream come true. It’s an adventure that feeds our souls and fuels our passion.

We are excited for your performance at Culture Box on Saturday 22 July, anything you look forward to?

We are absolutely buzzing with excitement for our Copenhagen debut on July 22nd! This is going to be our very first time in the city, and the anticipation is through the roof. We’ve been hearing incredible things about Culture Box, and we’re immensely grateful to the team for giving us this opportunity to perform there. Performing in a new country is always a thrilling challenge that we wholeheartedly embrace. We’ve been working tirelessly to prepare some fresh, mind-blowing tracks specifically for this show. Beyond the music, we’re thrilled to have the chance to explore the city the following day. Each travel experience we embark upon brings us a profound sense of gratitude and personal growth. It’s not just about the music; it’s about immersing ourselves in the culture, connecting with the people, and allowing these experiences to shape us both as individuals and as Triart.

What vibe can we expect from your set?

It’s an organic exchange of energy between the three of us, a dynamic interaction that fuels our creativity. While we may have a rough idea of where we want to take you musically, the true magic happens in the moment. We feed off the energy of the crowd, responding intuitively and taking you on an exhilarating ride. As a trio, we each bring our unique perspective to the table. This allows us to connect with the diverse aspects of the audience and curate a musical experience that resonates on multiple levels. Our sets are a reflection of this beautiful contradiction, where we might all feel the same vibe at times, while other moments call for a completely different approach. It’s the ebb and flow, the synergy between us and the crowd, that creates an electric atmosphere.

If you can have the audience remember one thing about you, what would it be?

We just finished reading Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act: A Way of Being. He says in the book “It’s not necessary to understand ourselves or be understood. We share our filter, our way of seeing, in order to spark an echo in others.’ And that’s a sentiment we at Triart take to heart. We may craft the notes, melodies, rhythms, but it’s the listeners who truly create the story. Triart’s music isn’t just about what we as a collective want to express; it’s about creating a platform, a canvas if you will, for audiences to interpret our art through their unique lenses. We invite them to dive into the sonic tapestry we weave and find a piece of themselves hidden within it. If there’s one thing we want audiences to remember about us, it’s this – we’re not just creating music; we’re co-creating experiences. So if we can make our listeners feel something, anything, or see a sliver of themselves reflected in our music, then we’ve achieved what we set out to do.

Based in Turkey, how has the country’s electronic music scene influenced your sound?

Turkey, with its rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and artistic influences, has an incredibly diverse and vibrant electronic music scene. Each city adding its unique take to our music. This exposure has infused our music with a certain depth into Triart’s music, giving it an authenticity and a richness that is reflective of our homeland.

Now DJ’ing around the world, how much does this experience inform your approach to music?

DJ’ing around the world is like a never-ending journey of discovery. Each city, each club, each audience we play to, brings with it a whole new set of experiences, emotions, and influences that shape us as artists and individuals. Years ago, we found ourselves in the heart of the US at a time when EDM was gaining a momentum that was palpable. It was a whirlwind of energy, creativity, and diversity that broadened our horizons, showed us that there’s so much more to explore, so much more to understand. It made us realize the extent of artistic freedom we had, and as an artist, freedom is what you yearn for; it’s the air that fuels the flame of creativity. Each journey, each performance is a dialogue – a dialogue with different cultures, different audiences, an exchange that enriches us and our music. It’s like opening a window to new dimensions of creativity, enabling us to grow as artists and humans. It’s our past, our present, and it will undoubtedly shape our future.

What are the qualities that make you a perfect music trio?

We’d say it’s the dance of different perspectives, the unique blend of our individual experiences, tastes, and influences that creates a rich and layered sound. In the studio, we thrive on a collaborative approach. It’s like entering a sonic laboratory where each of us brings our distinct visions to the table. We don’t always agree on everything, and that’s exactly what makes our creative process so dynamic and interesting. It’s in these contradictions, these moments of creative tension, where the magic really happens. Just as we weave together different tracks during our DJ sets, crafting a narrative that captivates our audience, our process in the studio is a similar journey. We might be pulling from the same thread of an idea or exploring entirely different ones. Regardless, it’s about finding a harmony in the discord, a unity in the diversity. What we create isn’t merely an amalgamation of our individual inputs; it’s an interpretation, a fusion that wouldn’t have been possible without the other. It’s a dialogue between us that shapes our music, giving it a unique character that’s reflective of who we are as a trio.

You have headlined some very impressive shows recently in places like Beirut, Istanbul and New York City, any gig that stands out to you?

Each city we’ve played in, each audience we’ve performed to, has given us memories we’ll cherish forever. It’s hard to single out one gig as a standout. Each one has been an unforgettable chapter in Triart’s journey, a source of immense inspiration, and an affirmation of why we do what we do. Yet, what’s most exciting about our journey is the road ahead. The shows we’ve done have been extraordinary, and we’re incredibly grateful for each of them. But the thought of all the cities yet to be explored, the audiences yet to be reached, and the music yet to be created fills us with an anticipation that’s even more exhilarating.

When you’re not working what do you do to relax?

Being a trio certainly has its advantages, one of which is being able to share the workload. This gives us the opportunity to maintain a balance, to recharge, and to keep our creative energies flowing. For us, relaxation comes in different forms. It could be spending quality time with friends and family, immersing ourselves in a good book, or indulging in the solitude that nature offers. It’s about connecting with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us in ways that are not necessarily tied to our work.

One thing we still don’t know about Triart?

An interesting piece of our history that not many people know is the story behind the name ‘Triart.’ It was actually one of our close friends who found the name and it just clicked! It perfectly encapsulated the essence of who we are.


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