Published December 19, 2019

Daniel Savi, main man behind the C.U.P. label, is hosting the last club night at Culture Box before Christmas, Saturday 21 December. We asked him a couple of questions, trying to get to know this house aficionado a little better. 

Describe yourself with one sentence?

By the people, for the people – User friendly.

Do you have any releases coming up or working on something in the studio? 

I’m trying to go to my studio about once a week and I finished a handful of tracks this year. After a couple of years of barely making music – it is a fact that I am very happy about – if everything goes as it should, I’ll be starting a new label next year, with friend and producer Philip Kamata. First release is going to be a v/a with two tracks from Phillip, a track from me and a remix from Kasper Marott.

Where did you release already and under what moniker?

I previously released on Jus-Ed’s label Underground Quality and DIRK 81’s label Tartelet Records with my friend and mentor Troels aka CTRLS under the moniker 2400 Operator. We released two EPs and featured in 5-6 other releases if I remember correctly. Under my own name and with Dee Brown I have released a couple of tracks on our label Copenhagen Underground Posse – but I haven’t released anything since 2016. I’m so excited to get started again!

You are hosting your night ‘Daniel Savi & Friends’ at Culture Box on Saturday. Who are the artists you bring and why?

Handless DJ moved to Copenhagen recently, he’s a seasoned veteran from Brussel’s club scene. Esther Urioste, a very talented up and coming dj that channels her fun loving personality through her music. Tine Valentin, really looking forward to see her play since she just returned after several years of living in Reykjavik. She is always an inspiration and never plays a bad set. Finally B from E – the legend from Brøndby – had a great year playing all around Europe, with a passion for old school house bangers as well as rave and trance – I’ve had the pleasure of releasing several of his tracks on CUP. 

Why at Culture Box? What’s your relation to the venue?

Because it’s a venue that holds a significant place in my relation to electronic music – it was there I snuck in as a teenager to hear big names of the such as Miss KittinVillalobosSven Väth and when I got older I got to play there too. I usually play both Red and Black Box a handful times per year and have some great memories from the club, both as a guest and as a dj.

Best gig lately and why?

In Paris with my good friends Aurèle and Clement Keumel at La Rotonde – the club was jam-packed and a lot of my dear friends from when I lived there showed up, which made me very happy and a bit nostalgic. We did a b2b2b which are often difficult but it worked out perfectly – great success.
I have to mention playing Black Box at last year’s New Years Eve party as well, the place was absolutely electric!

Do you have any certain rituals before or after you play a set? 

I primarily play vinyl, the process of packing my records is my ritual – playing about an hour the nights before the gig right before I go to bed. I always love going back and forth.

How much of an impact does the audience have on your performance? 
It really means a lot. I always get better from a crowd that is turned on, just as well as a crowd that is not responding can be both disheartening as well as work as a motivation to do better.

What concert did you last attend as an audience? 

I think It was Blood Orange at Vega a couple of months ago, great show, something quite far from house but something that I really like to listen to in my home.

Last one in regards to your daytime job… if your music is a dish, what are you serving?

Big portion of steaming hot soup, to keep you hot from the cold weather, with all kinds of nice things in it, a bit of spice and some freshly baked bread on the side.

Sounds tasty – See you on the dance floor!