Published August 24, 2020

In the search for talented local artists we asked some passionate music critics with a proficient sense for electronic music for their recommendations.

First up is Sophia Handler the Danish writer, who divides her time between electronic music adoration and critique – the latter is usually published every Friday in Dagbladet Information:

“I can’t recommend Vixen enough. She is the Copenhagen based DJ and producer that I love dancing to the most, in clubs as well as in my kitchen (and sometimes car). Her tracks are bangers that make you feel strong and independent as a young womxn, and wordlessly encourages you to distance yourself from everyday suppressive powers. The mix she did for Voight-Kampff feels like one long ascent towards mental empowerment, freedom and release. I listen to it as some kind of melodic, guided gabber-meditation”.

Listen to the Voight-Kampff Podcast – Episode 102 // Vixen: