Published March 29, 2023

Thursday 6 April Ana Karla will host the first Shaktu party at Culture Box with Ukraine born, Berlin based Olga Korol headlining. We are incredible impressed by Ana’s drive and spirit adding to just being a genuinely, awesome person. Get to know her and the Shaktu project just a little better in this Spotlight interview we did.

Hi, Ana. How are you at the moment?

Hi Mia and the whole team of Culture Box, thank you for having me. I´m really good, a new year has started and I am really happy about how it´s unfolding so far.

At Culture Box we are really impressed by you, one reason is because of your clever approach and drive within the electronic music scene. Now you’ve started the project, Shaktu. Tell us about the name and thoughts behind it?

Thank you 🙂 The name Shaktu was inspired by “Shakti” which means “Power” in Sanskrit and is also used to describe feminine energy and life force energy.

Our own Shakti energy shows up in our everyday life when we are using our creative energy and feel connected to the wisdom within.

Shaktu was born with the purpose of making female artists visible within the underground electronic music scene. There has been a rise in female acts in electronic music festivals over the past decade, however, despite all the efforts being made, it is a fact that the global demand of female artists is really low and this needs to be normalized, as well as equal earnings for all artists regardless of their gender.

With fewer females showcased, fewer females will feel confident enough to work for success.
Visibility creates confidence so I hope Shaktu will attract more women into these spaces, hobbies and career paths and will inspire them to go out there and share with the world what they are capable of creating.

Let’s not forget that representation must also take place behind the scenes as this is a key point if we want to contribute to a gender-equal world that is free of bias, stereotypes, discrimination and is diverse, equitable and inclusive. Change starts within yourself.

What will come to characterise a Shaktu party?

Shaktu will be mainly focused on the genres of minimal house, microhouse and electro. The main attributes of the parties will be a strong focus on sound quality, a warm atmosphere and a unique crowd that will bring a special vibe to the experience.

For Shaktu’s first party at Culture Box you have Olga Korol headlining, which is incredibly exciting, tell us a little about that choice.

Olga has been one of my references for a long time. She has a unique minimal, groovy sound that I believe makes her stand out within the underground electronic music scene and will keep you dancing all night long. I’m beyond excited to have her perform for the release party, so if you are reading this, I am telling you that you can’t miss her 😉

Not to mention the local heroines of Adelina, Kajsa Lindström and yourself, have you all played together before?

It will be our first night playing together so I am really happy about that! Kajsa and Adelina were the first names that came to mind when I thought about the lineup for this party. I feel the three of us share the same passion for minimal music, each with their own style, and I believe this will create the perfect flow throughout the night.

What part of organizing events do you enjoy most?

To be honest I enjoy everything when it comes to organizing events but one of the things I enjoy the most is the creative process: to come up with concepts and ideas and see them become alive and real. That definitely comes with a rewarding feeling that keeps me motivated and focused on my goals. And not to mention the possibility of meeting and connecting with new people, as well as being able to work on one of my big passions, which is electronic music.

What are in your opinion the essential qualities that make a good DJ?

I believe a good DJ is someone who delivers an original mix, who creates a journey out of it, rather than just playing one track after the other one and is unpredictable. Someone who will know how to read a crowd and how to connect with them. I also once read that a good DJ is someone who shows you music you didn’t even know existed and I couldn’t agree more!

Do you have some specific goals and dreams for the future as a DJ or event organizer?

I would love to be able to play more around different cities, as well as seeing Shaktu grow and perhaps do some collaborations with other collectives in the future.

When you’re not working with music, what do you do to relax?

I do yoga, journal, meditate, meet with friends, cook a nice meal or just watch a series 🙂


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