Published November 17, 2023

With her brand new club-night concept ANACRON at Culture Box, a true old-school music utopia, Cynnamon has caught the attention of us and many others in the electronic underground scene of Copenhagen. In this spotlight interview, we are digging deeper into the German-Iraqi, Danish-based talented DJ’s journey and passion for subcultures, Hardcore music, and curating club nights.

Tell our readers who Cynnamon are – present yourself to those who don’t know you yet.

I’m a multi-genre DJ and producer from Germany with an Iraqi background. I started DJing in 2022 and I am fortunate to already consider myself an active part of the Copenhagen electronic music community. I play all sorts of genres depending on the event and the venue. However, I’m mostly known as the female Hardcore DJ and ambassador in Copenhagen, which I’m very proud of.

In addition to my role as a DJ, I enjoy immersing myself in the local nightlife scene as an event host and music curator at venues such as Den Anden Side, Culture Box, Motopol, and others. Event series like Hardcore Heaven, Nightbound, and my latest concept ANACRON, are just a few of many more exciting projects on the horizon.

Given my appreciation for a broad spectrum of music genres, I also contribute as a volunteer to the booking crew at Music Loppen.

What’s the story behind your DJ name Cynnamon?

I needed a username for my Instagram profile, and I was struggling to think of one. During that time, I was listening often to “Cinnamon Girl” by Neil Young, and I strongly resonated with the lyrics. Unfortunately, the username “Cinnamon_girl” was already taken, so I made a slight change to “cynnamong_gyrl.” When I had to come up with a DJ name, I simply derived the word “Cynnamon” from my Instagram username.

How did you get into DJ’ing and producing electronic music?

The initiation into DJing was a spontaneous invitation from a friend who managed Uumphff Radio, now known as Fragment Radio. One day, he randomly asked me if I’d be interested in playing a little set because a DJ had cancelled their show, and it was only two days away. Despite lacking prior experience, I had been contemplating diving into DJing, so I decided to seize the opportunity. My friend briefly guided me through the gear and the basics of mixing. I then downloaded a couple of tracks and went for it. Surprisingly, it went very well, turning out to be a very positive experience for me. Encouraged by this, I continued with DJing.

Producing my own music has always been a goal due to the multitude of ideas I have. I began by looking over the shoulders of my talented producer friends and later making my own attempts.

Tell us about your sound and choice of genres – what can one expect from a Cynnamon set?

I thrive when experimenting with various music styles when playing a set because I think that it can become quite monotonous to stick to only one or two genres. Whether it’s a Techno set, I like blending Gabber and Hardcore or infusing breakbeats and bouncy remixes – I aim to create a dynamic experience. In general, I prefer not to confine myself to a single music direction. I merely enjoy a broad spectrum of genres, and that’s what I want to share with the audience during my performances.

Who or what are your sources of inspiration when creating music, and building a DJ set?

When I’m producing, I find myself brimming with inspiration. I gather different elements, like old-school Gabber kicks with modern Hardcore leads to create something new. Often, my inspiration originates from an old track that I aim to reinterpret into a hard and fun version. However, when it comes to building a DJ set, I don’t have a specific inspiration. Typically, I contemplate the vibe I want to convey, being very mindful of the set’s progression. For me, it’s important to craft an elevating journey.

What is special about your new club night ANACRON at Culture Box – what can we expect from this concept? And who are the artists you have chosen to be part of your night?

ANACRON – meaning something from a different time – is a project that will focus on old-school music, and roots, and showcase excellent but underrated local DJs. I invited DJ Roger, an outstanding Jungle, Techno, Breakbeat, and Happy-Hardcore DJ. Having witnessed his performance at one of his parties, I was thoroughly impressed. The second artist is Mbizo, who is an amazing DJ/selector and a talented Dub producer. He will curate a mix of Reggae, Garage, and DnB. Both DJ Roger and Mbizo are members of the collective Nørrebro Bas Klub. For our first party, I’ve prepared a set with Ghetto Tek, Hard Bass, and cute edits.

What is your wish for the future of electronic music in Copenhagen?

A big wish for me is that the electronic music scene becomes more open to less prominent music directions and starts developing underground communities, which I believe are lacking in Copenhagen. My ultimate goal is to breathe new life into subcultures, providing space for underrated music genres, promoting talented but lesser-known artists, and inviting more international acts to Denmark. This aims to broaden the horizon and enjoy a more extensive spectrum of music and subcultures.

At last, if you could be a dance move – what would it be?

Probably a cute cat paw dance move combined with good ol’ hakken.


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