Published March 3, 2024

On this special occasion in the name of equality, we have invited the inspirational Thai techno-queen Nakadia to embrace us with her musical soundscape as well as local female heroes Milo, Mari to the Future, Ida Aya, Cayootee, and Deborah to empower this day. In this regard, we have asked the powerful line-up and important staff members working this very day to debate the crucial topic of gender equality within the music scene and how they view the future.

A woman or non-binary person working in music you look up to and why?‍

Bryony Beynon from Good Night Out Campaign. She and her team have trained us workers af Culture Box on harm reduction and how to handle our Attitude Code – our version of a safer space policy. The grand work they are doing on creating safer nightlife spaces is really admirable.”

Mia Dalby (Community Manager)

“I would have to mention Imogen, a London-based DJ and producer. Her sets are always very energetic, eclectic and rowdy. Perfect fit for just letting loose. She recently started a new label, WIGS – a journey I’m really excited to follow.”

Ida Aya (Artist)

“I mean, Octo Octa is just epic! Insane mixing techniques, to-die-for vinyl selection and old school house vibes – Just everything I love! Such an inspiration especially for females and gender minorities in the electronic music scene <3 (plus I love how Eris and Octo Octa always dance at each other’s sets! Adorable)”

Mari to the Future (Artist)

“An impossible question since there are so many talented women / non-binary people out there.”

Deborah (Artist)

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of the music scene?

“I envision a music scene free from the shadows of sexism, where artists aren’t subjected to constant questioning, belittlement, or dismissal based on gender. These dynamics are deeply rooted in broader societal structures that marginalize underrepresented groups, and unfortunately, they manifest constantly in the music industry. My hope is for greater involvement and accountability from men of privilege, stakeholders, and organizations in fostering constructive transformation. It’s a collective responsibility to drive positive change; expecting underrepresented voices to bear this burden alone is both unjust and unrealistic. I dream of a music community where everyone feels valued, respected and empowered to express themselves fully. By fostering inclusivity and embracing equality at every level, there is a higher chance for a scene that celebrates diversity and nurtures talent without discrimination” 

Mari to the Future (Artist)

“Working in the industry, I wish we would resume the conversation on work conditions and mental health, like the one that was started in 2019, based on the debate about conditions for stagehands and roadies at work, focusing on/leading to a general debate about softer values in the industry, also in parts where safer space policies don’t exist. Facilitating each other better, despite our differences and remembering everyone has something they’re dealing with”

Marie Ottemo (Night Manager)

“Well, the past few years it has been widely known that music artists in all genres are having a hard time for several different reasons. One of them being that becoming a familiar face to the population gives stress, plus the tremendous amount of nerves there can be in relation to performing for a huge crowd. This brings me to my wish for the music scene in the future; I hope that music in all genres can once again be considered art and worth something more than what it is worth now. I would wish that everybody could see the people behind the music, the real musicians, this being electronic producers, or musicians in the acoustic field, see the energy and emotion plus hard work that has been put into this. Since music, for me, is more than music. It is a snapshot of emotion belonging to whoever is behind the track at that moment. And therefore music brings forth emotions and memories and dreams in people listening to it, wherever and whenever they may be.”

Deborah (Artist) 

“That people with power recognise the huge responsibility they have to keep championing a diverse music scene. 
If you are in a position where you can make decisions that have a huge impact on the music scene, you also have to see yourself as a servant to the music scene, and the community and include as many different perspectives as possible. We can only achieve a successful and sustainable music scene if we are open to listening to and including the entire music scene and give it a fair chance to thrive. So take risks, be bold, and stay curious.”

– Cayootee (Artist)

How will you approach the event of 8 March at Culture Box (in regards to music or mindset)? 

”I’m excited to be surrounded by some strong femmes, hoping to see the lineup reflected in the crowd too! At the moment I’m in my hypnotic techno era, and I would love to see the dancers surrender to minimalistic, deep pulsating rhythms. Tune in to your primal instincts for the closing!”

Milo (Artist)

“It’s a day to celebrate the equal rights advocates that fought for the rights and privileges we have today, to acknowledge the progress made, but also to remind ourselves of the work ahead. Further I will be working as part of the safer space crew at Culture Box, so I will be very focused on doing my job well”

– Mia Dalby (Community Manager)

“Hoping that it becomes a safer place for all people on the dance floor, and all artists, venue and festival promoters get more involved in the safer space movement and the promotion of it.”

Es (Safer Space Advisor)

“On this special night of equality, I proudly host my club night concept ‘House to the Future’ – a dedicated & heartfelt mission to bring back 90s house dance, music & club culture to the future. For me, ‘House to the Future’ is personal. It’s a journey back in time to the spirited scenes of Chicago and New York, where marginalized groups courageously carved out spaces of acceptance and expression in the face of adversity. Through this club night, I want to honour the resilience and creativity of those who came before us, while also embracing the forward momentum of our own dancefloor revolution. I am looking forward to bridging the past with the present, creating a night filled with pulsating rhythms”

Mari to the Future (Artist)

“Like I always do. I play with my heart and gut feeling. Trying to place myself in the moment, since what was before that moment isn’t important right then and there, and what comes after, I can deal with then. So basically meditate my way throughout my set”

– Deborah (Artist)