Published July 26, 2021

The ever interesting Danish scene for electronic music is thriving because of passion and dedication from all its various actors: DJs, promoters, crews, bookers, audience etc. With this Spotlight series we tell you who to watch. Keep an eye out for NILU who’s not only a rising star in the music industry, but also a world class dancer. Read about what great quote is rummaging in the back of his mind when playing.

Something clicked

Please tell us about your background and how you fell in love with electronic music?

I have a picture at home from when I was 5 years old, sitting on the bed listening to music on my walkman, with huge headphones on. Since I was a young child I have been interested in music, and through my dancing career I have listened to a lot of classical and Latin American music. I was raised in a home where music was always on the stereo – especially rock and disco music. For as long as I can remember, I have been curious about all styles of music, so it was only natural that I would at some point experience electronic music as well.

My first real experience with electronic music was actually at Culture Box. Something clicked that night for me – the music, the DJ, the crowd – all came together perfectly. That was one of the first nights I remember falling in love with electronic music.

“Remember to forget”

Describe your own music:

My music is driven around the bass, and there always needs to be a subtle sense of emotion through synth of some sort. 

Inspiration or influences as a musician/DJ?

Musically I take inspiration from whatever touches or moves me. I always try to look or listen to art/music from a different angle. That way you can always find new things that inspire you. When performing as a DJ, there’s always this quote rummaging in the back of my mind – “Remember to Forget”. Don’t ever try to copy what has already happened – be present and create the moment. Don’t repeat what has worked in the past, because it might not work in the present.

To name a few musicians that inspire me:
Keith Jarrett, Sigur Ros, DJ Metatron/Traumprinz, Nick Cave, Claus Hempler, Gigi Masin, Kev Sheridan, Baril.

Some might call me crazy, I call it passion

What is the best decision you made in your career?

Daring to take risks, and to always follow my heart and instincts. 

We noticed it’s been a while since you released new music. When can we expect new tracks from you?

Because of Covid many labels have paused releases. I have my first 2 vinyl releases, and some very exciting collaborations waiting. Can’t wait to share them with you all. 

What else have you been up to during the closure of nightlife?

The sudden closure of nightlife and other physical activities was hard on us all, so I spent a lot of time working on myself. Improving myself on a personal level, and also improving my musical skills. I also spent time learning some handyman skills at home.

The question we all ask ourselves. How do you balance a life as a world class dancer with a rising career in the music industry?

Tough one! That’s not always easy and not always possible. What I do feel though, is that they always complement each other. I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve finished an event at 9am, to go straight to a full day of dancing practice after. Some might call me crazy, I call it passion. Choosing between the two – music or dancing – has never been an option, and I couldn’t be where I am today with my music career, without everything I’ve experienced in my time as a dancer.

Dancing has taught me the performance skills and the connection with the crowd while I DJ. Music gave me a higher level of skills and deeper understanding of musicality in my movements while I dance. Music gives me space, a place where I can breathe and recharge. It gives me more space mentally to be more creative in other parts of my life. I’m also very fortunate to have a very supportive and understanding girlfriend.

“Thank you” when you leave the decks for the next artist

Being a producer, DJ, promoter and booker, you are wearing many hats. How do you see the Copenhagen underground scene and it’s community?

I see so much potential in the Copenhagen underground scene. I think it’s always important to remember where you came from, to remember to help new talents and to try to work together and not against each other. The only real reason why we should do any of it, is for the love of music. 

Your best Culture Box memory?

Wow, so many memories comes to mind! It has always been fantastic hosting my “Parallel” nights in both Black Box and Red Box. I have two very clear memories: Warming up for Anja Schneider and also Simian Mobile Disco were two very important moments in my life. I’m always taking the job very seriously when warming up and it’s always so fulfilling to get that hug and a big “thank you” when you leave the decks for the next artist. 

You’re booked to play the first official performance at Culture Box since March 2020, what are your thoughts? (Note that we installed a brand new L-Acoustics sound system in Red Box)

When I was asked to be the first DJ opening Culture Box after Covid, I was honoured. Denmark is blessed with a lot of incredible DJs, so being invited to play such an important night makes me very excited! I can’t wait to be back in the sexy Red Box alongside my great colleagues, and fellow music lovers. Red Box is such an intimate space and I can’t wait to hear what the new L-Acoustics sound system will do to the crowd.

Keep expanding

Any goals for the future?

I’m a man of huge dreams and goals. For me it’s always about bettering myself, in whatever I’m doing. Music and DJ’ing makes me truly happy. So an ongoing goal is to keep expanding and be able to share my love for music with a constantly growing crowd. One of my goals is also to be able to play on Fusion Festival and Burning Man.

Any secrets you still haven’t told our CB family about?

I love a good Cream Soda Float! If you dont’t know what that is – it’s only the best soft drink on the planet.

We’re very happy to have NILU give the first official perfomance at our venue since March 2020 when he opens up Red Box at our Reopening Weekend 1-4 September.

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