Published October 25, 2021

The ever interesting Danish scene for electronic music is thriving because of passion and dedication from all its various actors: DJs, promoters, crews, bookers, audience etc. With this Spotlight series we tell you who to watch. Meet PAVI. Friday 29 October she plays at Culture Box alongside KANYE HEST, Minimalene and Aarhus Techno District.

Hometown: Copenhagen

Do you remember how and why you fell in love with electronic music?

Oh wow, where do I even begin! Music has always been a big part of my life and upbringing. My mother being an opera singer and my father a pianist, I was introduced to singing and playing the piano at a young age. Later on I fell in love with the electric bass, playing around, jamming, producing small scraps and bits of music throughout my teenage years. I’ve traveled curiously through every genre I can think of, always being equally amazed when I stumbled upon a new style and sound I didn’t already know. I have a clear memory of myself as a kid watching MTV where I heard Daft Punk “Around The World” for the very first time. I was totally into that groove.

Another memory from about the same time: I came home from school one day and my mother was blasting Björk through the speakers at an incredibly high volume. I remember being overwhelmed and almost frightened by the intensity of this unique sound. It moved me in a way I’d never experienced before. I think a few years passed before I dared to dive into the world of Björk on my own, and I was blown away. That was a clear turning point in my musical journey that lead me down a path of discovering many electronic music artists, amongst others.

Lastly, I need to mention my first experience at an electronic music festival. It was Melt! in Germany one summer. I was going with a big group of people, most of which I didn’t know at the time. I quickly learned that my normal festival routine didn’t really fit here, and what I got instead was so much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I was home. The feeling of togetherness and solitude at the same time. Standing in a packed crowd, yet there’s still space. Floating on a collective meditative frequency in sync, with no need to say a word. I will never forget that.

In your opinion what are the essential qualities that make a good musician/DJ?

I could mention a lot of technical stuff here, which of course are important, but when I really think about it, for me, it’s most of all this: The ability to let yourself be totally consumed by the music you are working with, you know, really dive into it with your whole being, activating all your senses and feel it. If you do this, it’s like you can almost taste the music or physically walk around in a landscape of sounds, understanding it on another level. When I’m able to get deep into the music, I feel like I have the freedom to play around with tracks, like a painter use colours, creating my own painting. That’s where things really get interesting. When a DJ or musician is telling a story and not just playing one track after the other. Being technically skilled is a great tool to help telling this story, for sure, but on it’s own, it fades.

Your inspiration or influences as a musician/DJ?

Everything, haha! Music is everywhere all the time and I surely spend a lot of time searching for tracks, artists or labels that inspire me. There are many, and I can’t say if one inspire me more than the next. Sometimes I stumble upon the most amazing tracks in the strangest of places, like the background music in a random YouTube-video about screaming goats or whatever. I love the randomness of that. Most of all I get inspired in the company of my loved ones. There’s nothing like spending an evening playing music for each other, digging through track after track, ending up listening to things you never would have found any other way.

Describe your own music

Uh, tricky one, haha! When I started DJ’ing, I was deep into organic slow house, bobbing along around 100bpm. Then suddenly one day I had a strong urge to play something completely different, and a lot faster. I’m really intrigued by this path I’m on at the moment and definitely gonna explore more in this direction. If I have to mention a common denominator to describe my sound, I would say I’m drawn to music with interesting contrasts, a splash of darkness, a strong bassline and a somewhat arrogant/flirty attitude. All in all, music that moves mind and body, whatever the tempo or genre may be.

How do you see the Copenhagen underground scene and its community? And how do you see your own role in it?

There’s definitely a lot happening in Copenhagen, above and under the surface. I see a lot of willpower, drive and talent in the community here, there are many creative ideas evolving and turning into high quality events and concerts. Also, I’m happy to see a growing awareness and support of diversity in most areas of the electronic music scene, hopefully making this a safer and more inclusive space for everyone, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

At the same time, I feel like there’s a bit of a flighty vibe at the moment, like things are up in the air and hasn’t settled yet. Not that it’s a bad thing, necessarily. A lot of it certainly has to do with this 1,5 year lockdown that nobody expected or asked for. But in some ways it might have been exactly what we needed, shaking things up and forcing us to change our ways. It’s always sad to see great places close up and disappear, but out of the ashes there will surely rise new and creative initiatives, it’s already happening and I’m excited to see where it will take us.

My role? Hmm… I’ve been involved in the electronic music community for some time now, participated many raves and events as an enthusiastic guest or as part of the production. As an aspiring DJ it’s of great value to me to be familiar with the immense work behind the scenes, helping production crew, managing a bar, doing decorations and so forth. It really makes me appreciate and respect what it actually takes to create the conditions for a great rave experience. From this I’ve learned that I will probably never settle to do just one thing. The important thing for me is to be part of the community’s survival and growth, to have fun and the freedom to be whoever I am.

What‘s your hopes and dreams for the future of the Danish electronic music scene?

I hope to see the scene be able to continue to evolve, inspiring future generations within the community to thrive creatively, produce music, events and bring people together. Unfortunately it’s an uphill battle for many to get to realise their ideas due to gentrification in the cities. We’re slowly running out of space where creatives can unfold, and it’s frustrating when that becomes a major reason as to why many amazing projects never get to see the light of day. We need space and support so the electronic music scene can continue to live and bring value to the many people in it. Hopefully there’s a solution to be found somewhere.

How much of an impact does the audience have on your performance?

It’s an amazing feeling when a crowd responds to your music in a positive way, no doubt. That energy, when a room is boiling – Wow! When I DJ, I aim to deliver a dynamic experience with surprising elements, choosing tracks that I love and connect with. I believe when I’m prepared and confident in my choices, the audience will feel the vibe, my enthusiasm from behind the decks and hopefully give in. If I get a bad response, it will have an impact on me, for sure, but I will never deviate far away from my style and musical taste just to please an audience. At the same time, I get just as much enjoyment out of playing all alone by myself. Then I get lost in the music and fly away on a solo-ride. That can be amazing.

If you can have your audience remember one thing about you, what would it be?

Hmmm…. that I’m a nice person? 🙂 If you are referring to my performance (and not me as a person) I would hope that people leave the party a little sweatier and happier than upon their arrival.

You are playing at Culture Box on Friday 29 October? What are your feelings and expectations?

Yay, I’m playing at Culture Box for the very first time! I’m excited and honoured, and a bit nervous, of course, haha. I’ve been going to Culture Box since I was old enough to get in, so needless to say it’s a pretty big deal for me to be on the poster this time. Also, as a sweet cherry on top, I’m playing along side my boyfriend (KANYE HEST) and a very good friend of mine (MINIMALENE) downstairs in Red Box all night long. Couldn’t get much better. It’s going to be one for the books, I’m sure.