Published July 27, 2020

A new recommendation coming your way today courtesy of Tim Andresen. Label owner of What Happens, co-owner of the UK based Savoir Faire Musique, music producer, international DJ, head resident DJ since 2005 and responsible of music programming here at Culture Box. We asked Tim for his thoughts on a local breakthrough artist of our local scene. Here’s his choice:

Rasmus Vels “Koalition EP”.

Tim: “Rasmus is based in Aalborg and one of the young and promising names in our sizzling house music scene. I fell in love with his recent “Koalition EP” on Oh! Records Stockholm. Two tracks of lush melodies executed to perfection. A real beauty, my personal favourite is the emotional “For Evigt”. It’ll work equally well in open air sets as it would as end-of-the-night material in my sets. In addition there are two quality remixes to support the originals.

After first hearing the EP, I also checked the latest DJ stream set from Rasmus and was pleasantly surprised. It was right down my alley so he’s now on my radar and gets my full attention.”