Published May 14, 2023

With our Faces of Culture Box-series we’re profiling good friends of the house, staff and regulars who all participate in making our venue a vibrant and stimulating affair. Meet one of our cherished staff members, Mia.

Staff position: Communication / Safer Space Crew

Age: 32

I started working at Culture Box in… November 2019.

I work at Culture Box because… I thrive with the energy, progessive ideas and challenges within the electronic music scene. I enjoy being part of a project that insist on taking this genre of music, and the music culture around it, seriously. Culture Box is a place with a long line of history, but the team I’m a part of has our ambitions mended on development and progression. The scene is constantly evolving, and as long as I experience that my visions and methods are useful and appreciated, it’s rewarding to serve the wonderful local community of listeners, dancers and artists that love electronic music. 

My favourite things do to, when I’m off work… It changes a lot. Nothing beats conversations and hanging out with friends and family, though. I’m always in the process of reading a book. At the moment it’s Karin Boye’s Kallocain. I had a talk with two Swedish artists recently, who were to play at Culture Box. They inspired me to get started with this one. I can not recommend it enough!

My best Culture Box memory… Musically, I think it must have been Guy J for What Happens in November 2021. Two incredible hours into his set it came to my attention that he was playing mainly his own (at the time) unreleased tracks. Ida Engberg’s cool and collected performance for Culture Box 18th Birthday really impressed me as well. I experienced her one time earlier at DC10, but the crowd here at Culture Box was way better, much more attentive and into it. It was a really beautiful night! 

What I wish for the future of Copenhagen nightlife is… That it keeps nurturing more love and kindness among us all. 


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