Published May 7, 2023

We love to to meet you who use Culture Box as a place to practice and build up skills. Paula came by for a practice session a Tuesday in April!

For how long have you been DJing?

I started DJing in October last year (ed. 2022)

What’s your personal taste in music? 

Personally I am more inclined towards house music, and my taste so far varies from minimal/deep tech to deep house. But I am still exploring different styles hoping to find my very own.

What did you practice today? 

The focus of today’s practice was, first of all, to get acquainted with the advanced equipment and its different features, and to quit the sync button to start playing by ear and feeling.

What worked well for you today? 

I think in general the practice went well, I was happy to see that in general the equipment is very user friendly and that it wasn’t as difficult as I believed it would be.

What do you need to practice more? 

Definitely my mixes, so that they don’t become monotonous. Creativity in mixing

Based on today’s practice do you have any words of affirmation to yourself?

Your art is your gift to the world! Special thanks to my friend Ana Karla for teaching me with love and dedication.


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