Published April 22, 2022

With our Faces of Culture Box-series we’re profiling good friends of the house, staff and regulars who all participate in making our venue a vibrant and stimulating affair. Meet Renata, one of Culture Box’s cherished regulars who always bring the best of vibes to the dance floor.

Age: 26

Work: Warehouse worker

First time I went to Culture Box… Was the Reopening Weekend with Guy Mantzur, last year. I had arrived from Argentina in May 2021, and both there and here the clubs were closed due to Covid. So that night was super special because the last time I had been to a club was in February 2020. I couldn’t believe in the context of a global pandemic, we were dancing again in a club.

I come here because…it is a place where I felt comfortable from the beginning. Besides, I always liked the atmosphere generated at electronic parties that take place in places like this, inside, without so many lights, and with the added bonus of good sound. And of course, last but not least, the artists who play here.

My favourite DJ or live act is… really difficult to say, because I like different genres. I could choose any DJ who has been part of the Afterlife label, since it’s my favourite type of music. Tale of Us and Mind Against, for example. And from Progressive, John Digweed, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo. Sorry, I can’t choose just one, ha ha.

My best night at Culture Box was… definitely 9 October with Kevin de Vries headlining. Everything was perfect that night. There were many people but we all had enough space to dance. He is part of the Afterlife label and I love that his techno is not as melodic as others from the label. The vibe of the people, my friends, the sound. And it was special for me because I had wanted to see him in Argentina and I couldn’t, so Culture Box gave me a rematch.

My best Culture Box memory… was when Guy J played in December. It was a beautiful night but I really liked how he connected with us. It wasn’t the first time I had seen him, but it was the first time I had him so close, and I saw him smile throughout his set. He was happy with what he was doing, he shook hands with us, he danced with us from the booth, he thanked us all the time. They were very beautiful hours.

What I love most about Culture Box is… the good vibe, and also the values ​​they handle. I think it’s super important that we have inclusive places on the scene that make you feel respected and cared for. For me electronic music is a bit of that, inclusion, freedom, but also respect and empathy with each other, and I think all of that is at Culture Box.

In the future I’d like to see Paul Kalkbrenner play, because…. It has a very particular style that to me seems different from any genre or subgenre of electronic music. And after having seen him always play at outdoor events, I’m very intrigued by what he could do in a club like Culture Box.

I think the future for electronic music is… to be part of a great change. The world is a bit broken, there are many things to improve, and I think that small changes in some spaces make a bigger change. For example, giving more space to female artists (something that luckily happens at Culture Box), caring for and respecting each other, inclusion above all things, letting others be. In my opinion the electronic music scene has to be part of that, and I think we’re on our way.

What I love most about electronic music is… more than anything, what happens inside my body (or something like that, ha ha) when I’m listening to a good track, or when I’m enjoying a good show, or a DJ that I love. I think any of my friends can describe my face when a track, I recognize and likes, starts, or what I say at that moment, because I need to express it. It’s hard to explain the feeling. But definitely that’s what I enjoy most about this type of music, and the freedom that you can feel when dancing, that you don’t care who may be watching you or what they may be thinking. But it’s something very personal, maybe it happens to other people all the time or with any style of music, it happens much more to
me with electronic music.

What I love most about dancing is… the freedom that you can feel, and the connection both with the music and with the people you are with.

If I should recommend a track/mix/podcast… My friends Pablo (aka @Pachh) and Paula (aka @PaulaOs) are two giant artists who make beautiful music with a lot of dedication. They have two different styles but they are both very, very good at what they do, and they are rocking it.


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