Published February 28, 2022

Saturday 5 March German Annett Gapstream joins forces with Swedish Linn Stern and resident at Culture Box Schaarup in Black Box. We had a little talk with her about the Berlin club scene, newly founded label Artminding and expectations towards her performance in Copenhagen.

Q: When did you start producing and DJing and what or who got you into this?

Inspired by the music and friends I got my first little 2-channel-way-too-cheap DJ mixer in 2013. The first gigs in bars and small clubs in Berlin were in 2015. Got Ableton in 2017 and it took at least 3 attempts until I really got into producing. My first track came out in 2018 but luckily enough there is still a lot to learn and explore.

Q: What are essential qualities that make a good musician?

Passion, and on stage also empathy, I think.

Q: You started the label Artminding in 2021, tell us about that project, what’s the future plans?

I always dreamed of a label and even a platform beyond just music in order to be able to mirror ideas and gather like-minded artists.

Artminding is about creation and processes. About music and people. Expressing oneself with everything but words – Artminding is bringing together a variety of electronic music as well as playful but minimalistic artwork and ideas in order to originate an open-minded and diverse community. From Indie Dance, Deep House & Tech to more progressive sounds and Melodic Techno.

Besides music Artminding also values other ways of expressing art and aims to create occasions for more than one sense or even all senses one day.

Q: Berlin club culture have greatly influenced the international electronic music scene, Copenhagen being no exception. Why do you think that is?

When I take a look out of the window I am seeing a historic part of the former Wall. Besides hundreds of other influences the huge yearning for extraordinary freedom and self expression is still up to date. In addition to that Berlin has (or used to have) a lot of free spaces and big areas in the centre of the city that are not filled with typical capital-infrastructure. Now it is time to save spaces and keep this vibe alive.

Q: Nightlife is returning and shows are coming back like before. Any new trends or special gigs you’ve seen or experienced recently?

Indeed, there is a lot going on. At least in my bubble there is a trend – which we also are following with Artminding – that great parties are or at least can be about more than music. In the last two years and due to the prohibition of dancing in classic clubs a lot of projects which do not focus on only party emancipated. In the semi-lockdown times for examples galleries in Berlin Mitte had queues like the Berghain. I have the feeling that combining music and other art plus even technology and other immersive experiences is the future.

Q: What are your expectations on your forthcoming performance at Culture Box Saturday 5 March?

I am literally counting the days and am looking forward to finally create together a post-pandemic energy where we all are just happy and thankful for every minute of the night. (think of that fire emoji)

Q: On this date Black Box is hosted by Schaarup and the Housefrau concept which works to inspire and strengthen gender diversity on the electronic music scene, what’s your thoughts about this matter, do you still find the industry to be dominated solely by men?

Happy to join and be a very little part of this concept. I also did a Housefrau Podcast around two years ago and therefore glad to strengthen this connectivity now. Definitely dominated by men but it is great to see more and more female artists crossing the ways.

Q: Can you recommend a hidden gem of the Berlin club scene?

Day raves.

Q: Any other hobbies than music that you like to do in your spare time?

I love doing sports, all kind of sports. Especially outdoors and with other people. Enjoy travelling, cooking or game nights with friends. Besides this I am also very interested into digitalization, tech and how to improve peoples lives. I admire start-ups and their founders which or who simplify and democratize outdated business models.

Saturday 5 March: Housefrau: Annett Gapstream / Linn Stern / Schaarup / Daniel San / Mashti / Thorsteinssøn
Presale tickets 14-18€ / Door 140 DKK: https://ra.co/events/1501186


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