Published November 14, 2022

With our Faces of Culture Box-series we’re profiling good friends of the house, staff and regulars who all participate in making our venue a vibrant and stimulating affair. If you’re a regular you will have noticed Sara in the VJ corner of the Black Box booth. Get to know our cherished resident VJ in this small interview.

Staff positions: VJ

Age: 31

I started working at Culture Box in… 2021

What I think about during a shift… I think a VJ’s work is to match the lights with the music, as well as creating your own personal vision. It’s a balance.

My favourite things do to, when I’m off work… I like to go to raves among other things. It’s a different experience when you get to see the rave from the perspective of the crowd.

My best Culture Box memory… So many, can’t choose one. VJ’ing for so many iconic artists like e.g. Rødhåd, but also getting to hear so many great and sweet DJs I never heard before.

What I wish for the future of Copenhagen nightlife is… Sound, crowd, personnel, lights all make the rave together, so all of these need to be prioritised equally, I think. Just to constantly evaluate what is working and not working, is, I think, the most important thing for the future, so we don’t get stuck in the staus quo.

I prepare for a shift by… I usually take a nap before, otherwise there is not a lot of preparing. I like to meet the DJ and hear them rehearse, that is what fuels my creativity.

When I’m not working I am… Relaxing, travelling, partying, creating content for work, drawing, or other creative outlets.


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