Published October 24, 2022

The ever interesting Danish scene for electronic music is thriving because of passion and dedication from all its various actors: DJs, promoters, crews, bookers, audience etc. Téa is no exception! Read this small feature and experience her first time performing in Black Box on Fri 28 October alongside EJECA and Prom Night.

Home town: Copenhagen

Please tell us how and why electronic music became a part of your life.

Well, I don’t think anyone can become a DJ without having spent countless hours on the dancefloor. I fell in love with electronic music when my friends and I started going dancing at Ved Siden Af and Jolene some years ago, and I just found that particular way of going out very exciting because it was very different from anything I had experienced up until then. The existence of the door policy was also a big factor in why I loved these spaces because it meant I didn’t have to be on guard all the time and that, with the very danceable music and the openmindedness of the people there, always left me with a smile on my face.

How would you describe your own music?

I like groovy trance, emotional prog, electro, weird pop edits and spacey house music. I also really love a good vocal sample.

Can you tell us about your inspirations and influences as a musician?

The long, sweaty nights on the dancefloor really spoke to my own creativity and the thought of curating that experience myself was very fascinating to me. My favorite party has always been Group Therapy and I drew a lot of inspiration from their resident DJ’s and their bookings. When I first started to dig I was always looking for  pop/hip-hop edits and still am. I grew up listening to a lot of hip hop, r&b and pop and I actually didn’t really listen to a lot of electronic music before I was about 19 (I’m 23 now). So I definitely feel like I haven’t been in the genre for that long and I’m constantly discovering new styles and artists that inspire me. However, I still feel like I’m in the baby steps of dj’ing and have yet to define myself, so my inspiration comes from literally everything because this whole thing is still quite new to me. 

You played for Group Therapy’s Hör showcase earlier this year, how was it to play at that infamous bathroom?

Nerve wracking! Because I knew that thousands of people were potentially going to watch it and I had been preparing the playlist for months. I was terrified that I would mess up the transitions; which I also did but I don’t know if anyone really noticed, haha. In the end I think it turned out pretty well; the response was overwhelmingly positive, and making it to the infamous bathroom after only 1,5 years of dj’ing was unreal! So again, huge shoutout to Group Therapy for inviting me.

How do you see the Danish electronic music scene right now, and what’s your hopes and dreams for the future?

There are so many great parties happening right now, but I would love to see more venues become available in Copenhagen. The gentrification of the city is killing the DIY parties and making it really hard to find spaces to host underground parties. I would also love to see more queer, POC and trans people in gatekeeping positions of the industry and as booking managers, because representation matters.

You are playing at Culture Box on Friday 28 October. What’s your feelings and expectations?

It’s my first time playing in Black Box, so I’m kind of excited about that! It’s a huge room and I’m playing the closing set, so I think it will be fun.


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