Published May 25, 2022

Catch Martina aka HEX ELECTRONIX for Queer Distortion 2022 x Havnehygge next week. They came by the office after their practice session in Red Box today and had a small chat.

For how long have you been DJing?

I began in 2020 right before Covid hit. At the time I had a lot of fun livestreaming my sets from home! I got my first nightlife gig a year later and have been busy ever since.

What’s your taste in music?

It’s honestly pretty varied, but I go between playing disco and house with lots of soulfulness to mixing breaks with 90’s inspired rave and ghettotech. I’d say my vibe overall is very high energy and old school!

What did you practice today?

I’m playing at Distortion soon and wanted to test a bunch of new tracks out for the occasion. I tried to get to know them a bit better in action and figure out which of them worked well together.

What worked well for you today?

I was very happy with how smooth it felt for me to operate the CDJs! It’s something I’m only able to rehearse here, so I’m proud that I’m at a point where I feel very confident behind a club setup.

What do you need to practice more?

Honestly, the thing I find the hardest to do is to vibe with the music instead of being nervous when I’m improvising my sets. It’s super important to actually enjoy the energy you create instead of worrying about if the next blend is gonna sound awful…

Based on today’s practice do you have any notes to yourself?

Get into the music and out of your head! But overall, nice job, ya did good kid.


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