Published February 24, 2022

On Thursdays we offer open practice sessions in our Red Box. Today Frederik practiced his mixing and set build up. We had a small chat after his session.

What’s your relation to electronic music? 

I love electronic music and use it throughout the day for different tasks. In the morning I like to put on my melodic house/techno playlist and when I am studying, working, or working out I like to listen to progressive house. Depending on my mood I listen to anything from house to in-your-face techno.

What’s your relation to Culture Box? 

I try to visit as often as my schedule allows me. You will often find me in Black Box in either corner vibing on my own or with my rave partners.

For how long have you been DJing? 

I have been DJing as a hobby that allowed me to sometimes get paid gigs as well. It all started in in 2014 at a nightclub I was working at. We had a no show from a DJ so I and another bartender had one USB using one CDJ to keep the party going. I loved the reactions from the guests from the music we played. The joy from the people is what motivates me!

What did you practice today?

Today I have been practicing my mixing and set buildup but also to get familiar with the Allen & Heath mixer and the CDJ 3000s.

What worked well for you today?

Today I tried some new tracks with some tracks that I am very familiar with. It is hard to judge in your living room how a track sounds on a club system. I am fairly satisfied with the way the “new” tracks and the “old” tracks worked together.

What do you need to practice more?

Everything! You can always get better. If I had to pick one thing it would definitely be my mixing. I would really love to be able to play electronic for a crowd. I had a few gigs with larger crowds and you really learn a lot by watching the crowd and how they react to the different songs.

Based on today’s practice do you have any notes to yourself?

Keep being critical, continue practicing, and buy a DJ controller again to practice more.


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