Published September 13, 2022

On Tuesdays we offer open practice sessions in our Red Box. Today Lucas, Lampros and Mario came by to try out our gear and bond over electronic music. We had a small chat after their session.

What’s your relation to electronic music?

Lucas: For me it is about community connected to a common musical art.
Lampros: Listener, festival attender and wannabe DJ.
Mario: Music can make us explore different and alternating states of consciousness that can be shared with the surroundings and let our body express its joy.

What’s your relation to Culture Box?

Lucas: Almost non-existent. I came here once as a guest, and today to practice… but I hope that it can be the first time of many to come.
Lampros: Heard a lot about the place but today was my first visit.
Mario: I met the club three years ago coming to see local artists and friends play.

For how long have you been DJing?

Lucas: This is day 1.
Lampros: I have played a couple of times in Greece, but they were other kind of venues with other music.
Mario: I think It has been for three years. While travelling it’s been a good way to make friends. I played in a little festival in Holbox, Mexico with some locals and international artist.

What’s your taste in music?

Lucas: My taste in music is really broad. I try to be open to different genres and musical experiences. I love music and its ineffability.
Lampros: I’ve been playing guitar since my childhood, so my natural environment is around rock music, but I also love exploring other kinds of music, like electronic music.
Mario: I love music in general from ethereal techno, tech house and some acid minimal beats, also some mantras and chantings fit so well in the background with a third deck.

What did you practice today?

Lucas: Today’s practice was for me a first time to get familiar with a physical controller, and experiment with a mixtape my good friend Lampros and I have created for fun during the summer.
Mario: Today’s practice was based on a close approach to my friends’ set, and exploring some spontaneous b2b improvising some groovy basses.

What worked well for you today?

Lucas: It was a really healthy and bonding experience to share the common joy for electronic music with my friends, and to experiment with transitions between some of our favourite songs.
Lampros: Getting familiar with Culture Box’s gear.
Mario: We succeeded in exploring sounds and our owns tastes, feeling a great connection together and with the sounds.

What do you need to practice more?

Lucas: Everything.
Mario: To experiment different genres’ synergies. Thats my practicing goal.

Based on today’s practice do you have any notes to yourself?

Lucas: To keep experimenting and find new ways of expressing through electronic music, and maybe in the end share it with listeners.
Lampros: Keep practicing and eventually we will play in a nice event in Culture Box.
Mario: Yes, keep on practicing and being open to all kind of possibilities and options.


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