Published October 3, 2022

The ever interesting Danish scene for electronic music is thriving because of passion and dedication from all its various actors: DJs, promoters, crews, bookers, audience etc. Alvaro Suarez is no exception! Friday 7 October he supports Sébastien Léger in Black Box. Get to know him just a little better in this spotlight interview.

Home town: Madrid, Spain.

Your currently located in Copenhagen, how do you see the electronic music scene here compared to elsewhere?

Every place has a different quality to offer. I love the vibe in Copenhagen during summer, because it offers so many outside events.

Do you have some hopes and dreams for the future of the electronic music scene in Denmark, or globally?

Yes, I would like our scene to be more committed with the current social challenges (both Danish and global).

What are essential qualities that make a good musician?

Curiosity, self-discipline and talent.

Do you remember the last time you felt inspired?

Today. I have ideas related to different projects and ways of making music every half hour. It is a nightmare!! hahah

How do you find inspiration in your musical work?

Many different ways, from enjoying different types of art forms, to traveling or meeting new people.

With a background in classical music what motivated you to work with electronic music?

When I turned 18 years old I started partying and listening techno, so I could not avoid the motivation.

How does your background in classical music influence your work with electronic music?

I play live violin in most of my sets, so I think that is a big influence.

Describe your own taste in music:

This is a difficult one… as I have no filter. I love every kind of music, it is just about choosing the right moment for each style.

This summer you’ve been playing Kazakhstan, Greece and Romania among other, did you also get a chance to explore your surroundings a little bit, or just work? How was it?

Yes, always when I have the time I explore the places that i visit. I had an amazing time in Kazakhstan with some of the guys from there, who where so kind and welcoming, and showed me some mind-blowing natural spots. In Romania I had time to explore Constanța a bit this time, and I spent some time with amazing people. And of course Greece is always awesome, I love the food and I get to know a lot of interesting people every time I go there.

How much of an impact does the audience have on your performance?

A lot. Sharing the energy of the moment and how people dive into the music makes a huge impact on which way I go.

What concert did you last attend as an audience?

I spent most of July in Copenhagen where jazz festival took place, so I attended¨ many concerts those days. Two remarkable ones were Ólafur Arnalds at the DR Koncerhuset and the Spacelab Concerts in the late night everyday by the Hess brothers and AC at Apollo Bar.

If Culture Box were to inspire more young people to listen to or work with electronic music what could we do?

In my opinion more activities and events out of the night hours and weekends could change the approach people usually connect with electronic music.


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