Published March 5, 2024

With our Faces of Culture Box-series we’re profiling good friends of the house, staff and regulars who all participate in making our venue a vibrant and stimulating affair. Meet one of our cherished staff members, Budde.

Staff position: Bartender

I started working at Culture Box in… December 2022

I work at Culture Box because… it is the absolute best. I might be only 19 years old, but I have already tried a fair number of work places, and Culture Box definitely takes first place. Not only is it the most fun I’ve ever had at work, the people are also amazing. I especially appreciate the trust and care we have for each other as a team. At Culture Box respect is not something you have to earn, it is a given. I value that a lot.

My favourite things to do when I’m off work… is to get home as fast as possible, find my night mask, put on my latest obsession of a serie and snuggle under my cover, where I will stay until the next day, and that is not an exaggeration.

My best Culture Box memory is… probably every shift. No shift is the same, every night at Culture Box something new happens, you can always expect the unexpected, but in a positive way.

What I wish for the future of Copenhagen nightlife is… to keep improving the techno scene, I wish that it can get out to more people who haven’t experienced “real techno”, so people can get a broader understanding of what it is and isn’t.

I prepare for a shift by… having a good night sleep followed by shower and after that I do my makeup and put on a cute outfit, because the better you feel, the better the shift. That’s my routine and I’m sticking to it 🙂

When I am not working, I am… either in school, or hanging with friends. I also do a lot of cooking at home, especially Asian cuisine. I also love vintage shopping, and I often visit different kinds of second hand shops in my spare time.


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