Published July 28, 2023

With our Faces of Culture Box-series we’re profiling good friends of the house, staff and regulars who all participate in making our venue a vibrant and stimulating affair. Meet one of our cherished regulars, Tobias (Tobber).

Work: Making video games as a technical artist at Playdead

Age: 49

First time I went to Culture Box… Was over 15 years ago! I was really blown away because I had never been to a club like this in Copenhagen. It finally felt like a club where I belonged. Where it was about the best underground electronic music and a friendly vibe. It instantly became my favourite place to go for music, dancing, partying and I’ve made so many good friends at Culture Box since.

I come here because… It really is the best place for me to listen, feel and enjoy my favorite music! Hierbas!

My favorite DJ or live act is… There are so many! But I have to mention Kasper Koman, Khen and most of the lineup from Guy J’s excellent Lost & Found label. And Culture Box just wouldn’t be the same without Tim Andresens great taste when it comes to bookings, and always delivering brilliant warm-up sets. In the future I’d like to see Dmitry Molosh play, because I really like his tracks and haven’t been able to see him play anywhere yet.

My best Culture Box memory… Again so many to take from, even some as a DJ, but one really stands out: Booked to play a warm-up set, on my birthday, in what became a very crowded Red Box, with lots of good friends around, including my girlfriend. I’ll never forget that one!

What I love most about Culture Box is… I love the atmosphere, the music and the people. I really feel safe here and part of a nice music and party loving crowd!

I think the future of the electronic music scene in Denmark is going to be… Better all the time! Seems like more people, especially the younger crowd, are embracing great electronic music and not just accept the commercial trash they pump out on the regular channels. There are lots of places to explore underground music because of the internet which is really great.

What I love most about electronic music is… The rhythm and melodies that make you want to dance and let go of your worries! For me it can really create some fantastic feelings, the nice breaks and build-ups. And feeling the pounding bass in your body.

My dancing is… Not stopping until the music stops! I like falling into the rhythm together with the crowd, it really feels amazing!


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