Published January 17, 2022

Better known as half of the duos Bongo & Pusk and Byrd, Lowquest is the solo project of Johnni Løvkvist Christensen where he gets to delve limitlessly into his own darkness and weirdness. We asked him to recommend another artist from the Danish electronic music scene.

LOWQUEST: “I first got turned on to PAVI when she was streaming with KANYE HEST from Lydudlejning during the lockdown. How she works with contrasts and eclectic selection peeked my interest immediately. Digging deeper I found an artist with a very wide pallette, and, it would seem, kinda in search of her sound. But a true artist no less. She works with the tracks in a very creative and controlled way, giving new meaning to tracks as they play together, surprises and challenges the audience with unforseen contrasts and creates a tight package, whatever style she plays. She is definitely one to keep an eye on and I’m eager to see where she will take us next. Will she combine her different styles into a very diverse and ever changing one, or find new an exciting sounds to treat us with. Both? Or something I haven’t thought of? What’s interesting to me is that I have no idea. I really could recommend any of her sets, but I have chosen her recording from an MDKrom event. While playing straight up minimal she still takes us on an interesting journey and manages to give a little push to the boundaries of minimal. A genre that we see too little of in Copenhagen and that has a tendency to box itself in too tight for my taste”.

Listen to PAVI’s set:


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