Published November 20, 2023

Meet some of the people who use our offer of free Open Practice Sessions on Tuesdays as a place to practice and build up their skills.

Presenting: C.C. aka ezri_dax!

For how long have you been DJing?

I started as a “world music” dj on college radio in Chicago in 2016, and transitioned to playing in clubs in 2022.

What genres of music do you prefer? 

I love an adventurous mix in the club, it’s the narrative that matters most! My body responds most to hard and Psy trance, hypnotic and Detroit techno, polyrhythmic bass, and melodic ambient.

What did you practice today? 

I pulled a crate of bass heavy tunes for an upcoming gig, some of my usual early-00s psy with some newer bass music for flare.

What do you need to practice more? 

I always jump around with genre and consistently work towards finding cohesion over the entire set.

Based on today’s practice do you have any words of affirmation to yourself?

If the track is good, let it ride! Trust your taste and be deliberate with the deployment.

Meet JANN!!CK 

For how long have you been DJing?

I have had an interest in DJing and producing music for many years, but I only started DJing seriously a little over 6 months ago, around April 2023.

What genres of music do you prefer?

I like a lot of different genres, my primary focus when I DJ is techno, but I love listening to almost everything in the electronic dance scene from trance, melodic techno, house to psytrance, big room and of course techno.

What did you practice today?

First, I practiced a new set where I tried to combine peak time techno with some other sub genres. I started at around 130bpm and tried to ascend through the mix, to 150bpm at the end of the practice. After that I played some demo tracks that I have been working on, to hear it on the big speakers, and then I used the last minutes to do some more experimental mixing.

What do you need to practice more?

I am trying to practice faster mixing so I can adapt quicker if I need to make sudden changes or If I want to do a power mix more often where I mix tracks together in a shorter timeframe.

Based on today’s practice do you have any notes to yourself?

I realized that I needed to incorporate longer breaks in between the faster power mixing periods, so it’s more fluid and gives the crowd some rest before the next drop. That gives a lot more energy and power to the following tracks.

Meet Manuel Carman and Agustin Coccocioni

For how long have you been Djing?

Manuel: I have been playing in different well known Underground Electronic Clubs in Buenos Aires such as Pacha, Black and Jet BA since 2019 in my hometown.

Agustin: I started 6 years ago doing warm up for different artists.

What genres of music do you prefer?

Manuel: I like Tech House Dark, Minimal Techno, Techno Peak/driving and a bit of electronic experimental nowadays.

Agustin: It depends on the occasion, I like to follow a musical line. My favorite genres are Tech House Techno and Minimal.

What did you practice today?

Manuel: I practiced some Minimal Techno and Peak/Driving Techno. I want to get involved and adapt to what is heard here in Denmark and give it my own stamp and style.

Agustin: Today I was experiencing new techno and minimal music.

What do you need to practice more?

Manuel: I want to enrich and add to my style a bit of the Danish and more international scene. Adding Dark Minimal Techno and Experimental music to my technique flow.

Agustin: I would like to get more into techno related styles since I see its one of the most popular genres in Copenhagen scene right now. 

Based on today’s practice do you have any notes to yourself?

Manuel: After repeated practice lessons at Culture’s Red Box, I feel sufficiently integrated to be able to play at the Club. What’s more, the Club seems to align with my ideals of the music scene. Such as the free and non- judgemental environment. With great emphasis to enjoy an introspective and energetic journey through our own memories and good thoughts. Leaving aside day-to-day overthinking stress and release the bad energy.

Agustin: I think that Culture Box is a space where one feels comfortable and provides the latest generation of mixers and Cdjs.


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